Boston Tea Party

How many ships were used during the Boston Tea Party?


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I think it was about 3 ships. Hope this is a good answer!

There were three cargo ships docked to the harbors. (- I'm Princess meribeth and you can ask me any thing...Surely you have heard of me...)

The Boston Tea Party occurred in Boston. Many crates of tea were dumped into the Boston Harbor during the Boston Tea Party. that's all i can think of

No one died during the Boston tea party. likewise no one was caught

Everyone survived the Boston Tea Party, it happened in the early evening. One or two guards on the ships got a bump on the head when they boarded the ships, but other than that no one got hurt.

I don't know. I'm trying to figure it out right now! Good luck!

Paul and many other Sons of Liberty dumped thousands of pounds of tea into Boston Harbor.

there were about 45 tons thrown out of the three boats in Boston Harbor at the Boston Tea Party

Nobody was killed in the Boston Tea Party. I'm not how many were wounded...

There were 50,000 chests of tea dumped into the Boston harbor during this time. This was a lot of tea to the point that the message was made clear.

the colonists dumped 342 boxes of tea into the harbor.

The Boston Tea Party was not a battle. no one was killed or wounded.

No exact count is available of the number of colonists who participated in the Boston Tea Party. It was an illegal act and claiming to have participated was not advisable until the Revolution was well under way and the British had evacuated Boston. However, it is believed that 30 - 130 people participated in dumping the tea cargo of three different ships in the harbor.

They wanted the British to know how much they suffer from the taxes.

92,000 pounds of tea were dumped overboard at the Boston tea party

No Americans died. In fact, the other British ships nearby didn't even fight back. Even afterwards, no Americans were persecuted.

The King closed the harbor because of the Boston tea party. One observer watched the British man of war ships come into the harbor and commented that “ there were so many it looked like London was arriving.” The king sent over 2000 troops into Boston.

D: U-Boats sank many ships in the Caribbean during ww

It lead to anger in many of the Boston citizens at the time making them outraged with British occupation and control. The Boston Tea party was simply another step on the revolution.

They didn’t and that is why there was a revolution. The British reinforced troops in the colonies and became more aggressive. After the Boston Tea Party one observation found in a letter tells about the number of troop ships coming into Boston. The writer wrote that he thought “ the whole of London was landing.” There were so many ships.

5 people were killed during the Boston Massacre.

The tea party was not a party. It was an event when tea was thrown into Boston harbor as a form of protest for the tea tax having been lowered.

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