East India Company

The East Company was founded in 1600 and stayed in business through 1874. They enabled trade between London and India, and at one point supported about half the world's trade.

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East India Company

When did east India company come in India?

The English East India Co's first successful voyage to India under the name "Governor and Company of Merchants of London trading with the East Indies" was in the year 1601. Earlier attempts made by merchants since 1588 were unsuccessful with either the ships returning home or lost at sea. The successful voyage was commandeered by Capt. James Lancaster

East India Company

Why didn't the Indians like the East India Company?

because they came as the traders and started taking control over the territory. they adopted the policy of devide and rule.that's why both Pakistani and Indians hate britishers

East India Company

What was happening in 1597?

1st Dutch East India Company ships returned from Far East and couple of other historiccaly not so important events.

East India Company

What is copper iridium and its power and what is the relation between east India company and copper iridium?

In the year 1616, when British people had establish east India company, there was a very long solar eclipse, During that period the Indian saints had discovered a rare element Iridium, which was believed to have no-corrosion properties, it is believed that these pieces of iridium came from mateiors falling on the earth,

Generally meteior burn off due to air friction when they enter the earths atmosphere. but iridium having a very high melting point survived all the heat and finally fall on earth. Iridium is a very very rare and costly metal.

In those days, when the british government came to knew about these metal, they decided to mix it with copper to make non-corrosive currency and utensils.

It was later found that the compound copper iridium had magical properties like pulling a rice coin , affecting electronic equipment in its vicinity and so on.

East India Company

Why was the dutch east India company founded?

It was founded to compete with other countries

East India Company

What role did the British East India Company play in the beginning of British control over India?

\they came as trader - more facts are found at - archives - kala goda - Mumbai - India - they followed the dutch nominated trading ships ( and pirates ) and attacked the dutch east India companies ships that sailed from dutch lands to java sumatra

Which group did the British East India Company increasingly rely on to enforce its policies?Sepoys

East India Company

Why did the Indians revolt against the East India company?

Taxes got high, and supplies was running low.

East India Company

East India company Half Anna 1835 coin Price?

i have got it Rs. 200000

East India Company

Did the coin introduced in 1616 by east India company it was 82 grams of lebbo coin details in 1616?

Your question is not very clear.

You are assuming that the East India Company "introduced" Lebbo coins in 1616, a story being propagated by half-informed rumour-mongers. There is no numismatic record of the East India Company having issued such coins for the purpose of trade. There were no such "coins" introduced either in the form of currency or as legal tender. The lebbo coin exists, but the story is quite different from what is often rumoured.

First of all it must be understood that the Lebbo was not a coin. It was not intended for trade. It was created from an alloy of metals found in a meteorite, and the British were involved in its manufacture only because they had a small gun-factory at Surat that these Indian metallurgists were allowed to use by order of the King of Surat. The British involvement can be noted by the English alphabets occurring on one face of the so-called "coin". In 1616, The East India Company consisted of a hand-full of sailors. They were not in power. They had not even conceived of the idea of ruling India. They were a small group of businessmen begging the King of Surat for some land to establish their godowns. They had not even traveled to or seen the rest of India. Most of India was ruled by the Mughals (Jahangir). Where was the question of the East India Company issuing coins in India?

NUMISMATIC COINS - First let us understand how coins as a means of trade evolved. It is very difficult to know today where the concept of coinage first evolved, but based on available evidences, it appears that the concept of money (as coins, which by definition here would be a piece of metal of defined weight stamped with symbol of authority for financial transaction), was conceived by three different civilizations independently and almost simultaneously. Coins were introduced as a means to trade things of daily usage in Asia minor, India and China in 6th century BC. Most historians agree that the first coins of world were issued by Greeks living in Lydia and Ionia (located on the western coast of modern Turkey). These first coins were globules of Electrum, a naturally occurring alloy of gold and silver. These were crude coins of definite weight stamped with incuse punches issued by the local authorities in 650 BC.

Most likely the first coins of India were minted just before 5th century BC in northern and central India. Although, few historian have suggested (based on vedic records) that India minted perhaps the first coins of the world which were introduced even earlier than Lydian/Ionian coins, in 8th century BC; most western scholars do not agree with this theory. Both, literary and archaeological evidence confirm that the Indians invented coinage somewhere between 5th to 6th century BC.

THE LEBBO - Coming back to your question of the Lebbo "coin", it must be understood that India had innumerable medals, medallions, talismans, temple-tokens, royal tokens, engraved metals, punch-marked coins, value-redeemable metal seals, leather coins, lockets etc., that do not necessarily conform to standard numismatics but which were being produced in every kingdom and region for 2000 years before the British landed in India. Many are still being discovered. Because they were manufactured, minted or cast in small quantities, because they served some purpose (as a reward, as a religious ceremony, as a gift during weddings, etc.) other than trade, their history is often very difficult to trace. But this does not mean that they didn't exist. However, as with alchemy and ayurveda, experiments were conducted by scholars utilizing various metals, herbs and naturally occurring elements for the purpose of studying medicine, chemistry etc.

Much of what is often rumored about the lebbo coin is heresy, though some are very true.

So what is true? (1) Yes, they were made in a gun-foundry in Surat (2) The purpose for their manufacture is not known. The British assumed it was for some local religious purpose, but the Englishmen were allowed to put their insignia on one side of the coin. A fault in the mould caused "EIC" to become "EID" (3) Its manufacture was done based on some ancient Sanskrit texts. (4) Detailed astronomical study was done before its manufacture. (5) eight "pairs" of coins were made (6) They were made during a solar eclipse as per the instructions in the text.

For some unknown reason the sixteen pieces were believed to have been transported to the Andaman Islands some years later, and believed to have been lost in the jetty in what later came to be known as Port Blair. Many believe that people involved in the manufacture in 1616 were struck by unknown disease. At the time when they were made, they were not called "lebbo". This was a name given after 1945 by some researchers. It is an abbreviation for "Light Emitting Bionic Bi-polar Orb" a code name for a specific application they had developed in Germany during the Nazi regime.

Some of these coins show peculiar characteristics, which is not surprising considering they were made of rare and unknown alloy mixed with copper. They have antique, curio and intrinsic value if a genuine one can be found. It is rumored that they emit radiation and may be radio-active. Which makes it illegal to possess them. Some attribute unimaginable value to it which is not realistic.

I have examined many fakes in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. On one occasion I examined a genuine Lebbo coin which showed some form of radiation, causing dry cells to corrupt, interfering with electrical and electronic equipment and causing mild changes in water temperature when it is immersed in it. Out of curiosity I checked the metal piece many times. The results were however never consistent and sometimes very anomalous. It was oval and weighed about 154 gms. I refused to either get involved in its trading or in any transaction related to it.

The Lebbo is a current rage among collectors. It is also a vehicle for racketeers who form so-called "Companies" and collect "testing fees" from gullible investors, posing as buyers. Some Govt. agencies - from namely the UK, USA and West Germany (before unification) showed interest in some scientific applications utilizing these coins in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Nothing much is known about these enquiries since. Today there is a mix of mystery, truth, rumors and some ridiculous claims surrounding the Lebbo coins.

CONCLUSION - Personally I know they exist. I have tested one that appeared to be genuine. There was no trickery involved as I tested it on my own with full freedom to form my own opinion. It was exactly as described in some magazine articles I had read many years ago. It had "1616" on it and it also showed a fault in the mould (EID), two snakes, three points, the sun, moon, stars etc. It was hand-made. And it weighed about 154 gms.

East India Company

What is the price of ukl one Anna coin of east India company of 1818?

East India Company

Inherited old coin East India company 1808 what is the value?

10 dollars USD. i have one, looked it up on google, matched pics. sorry, not worth much.

You didn't sell it to that guy because I have seen them for sale for arouond 90 dollars.

East India Company

Who is the CEO of east India company?

Sanjiv Mehta

East India Company

Value of a 1808 east India trading company coin?

I have one as well. It's worth 10-14 USD

East India Company

Why did the leaders of the Netherlands give so much power to the dutch east India company?

The Dutch East India Company was formed in 1602 by a wealthy Dutch merchants. The leaders of the Netherlands give so much power to the company because Unlike Portuguese and Spanish traders, whose expeditions were tightly controlled by government, the company wasn't. But it rather had full sovereign powers. With this freedom or power, it could build armies, wage war, negotiate peace treaties, and govern overseas territory. This help the company to dominate the South and Southeast region.

East India Company

What was the role of British East India Company in the decline of Mughal empire?

The British played a key role in the decline of the Mughal Empire in India. They imprisoned the last emperor, Bahadur Zafar Shah II, after trying him for treason.

East India Company

Where did the British east India company set up trading post?


East India Company

How did the east India company came into being?

The East India Trading Company came into being in 1600, when the British first arrived in India. It was set up and immediately given a trade monopoly in India; in other words, no other British company could trade out of India. East India Company was established in 1602, when the States-General of the Netherlands granted it a 21-year monopoly to carry out colonial activities in Asia. It was the first multinational corporation in the world and the first company to issue stock.

East India Company was the name of several historical European companies chartered with the monopoly of trading with Asia; more specifically with India.

* British East India Company, founded in 1600

* Danish East India Company, founded in 1616

* Dutch East India Company, founded in 1602

* French East India Company, founded in 1664

* Swedish East India Company, founded in 1731

* Portuguese East India Company, founded in 1628

East India Company

Who was the last governor general of east India company?

Robert clive

East India Company

Where did the East India Company get their tea?

The East Indies

East India Company

What role did the dutch east India company in European exploration?

The Dutch East India Co. increased Indian Ocean trade which brought in much money for the Europeans.

East India Company

What did the british east India company sell to the china?

The most significant product is Opium, pushing a whole nation into slavery and addiction. The East Indian Company didn't sell much to China before that, it imported a lot.

East India Company

What were the goals of the East India Company in India?

The British had taken their tea and sold it to the Colonies for profit. The Indian Tea Company probably wanted profit and buisiness.

East India Company

You have an 1835 one quarter Anna East India company coin is it worth much?

one quarter anna

East India Company

How east India company entered India?

In 1794 the Netherlands succumbed to France in the Napoleonic wars and the British East Indies occupied Sri Lanka.

East India Company

What is the price money of the coin of East India Company Half Anna 1616?

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