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The only dollar coin struck in 1998 was the American Silver Eagle. Although it has one troy ounce of silver in it and is actually a bullion coin, it also has a face value of one dollar. The Philadelphia mint produced 4,847,549 Uncirculated pieces and the San Francisco mint struck 450,000 proof coins.

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Q: How many silver dollars were struck in 1998?
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What is a non common 1800s silver dollar?

Non common? Please rephrase question. Many "Silver Dollars" were struck in the 1800's.

How many Morgan silver dollars were made in San Francisco?

With current mintage data, 129,929,633 Morgan dollars were struck at the San Francisco Mint.

How many standing Liberty 1996 Silver dollars?

The uncirculated 1996 $1 Silver Eagles have a mintage of 3,603,386 with 500,00 proof coins struck.

How many years were Silver dollars minted in Carson City NV?

17 yrs The Carson-City Mint struck 3 different series of "Silver Dollars" from 1870 to 1893, but they were not produced every year. For Morgan dollars 13 were struck. Trade Dollars 6, Seated Liberty dollars 4. So the Carson-City Mint struck dollar coins for 23 years.

How many silver dollars does Tom haveTom has seven more silver dollars than Jimmy together they have 71 silver dollars?

tom has 39 silver dollars

How many Morgan silver dollars in your 20th century U.S.silver dollar collection?

Combined with dates and mintmarks there are 18 Morgan dollars struck in the 20Th century.

Tom has 7 more silver dollars than Jimmy Together they have a total of 71 silver dollars How many silver dollars does Tom have?


How many silver half dollars in one ounce of silver?


What is the rarest eisenhauer dollar?

No one knows how many were struck but a few 1974-D & 1977-D EISENHOWER dollars were struck on 40% silver planchets in error. So they are the rarest.

How many silver dollars does take to equal one ounce of silver?

if a silver dollar is 90% silver it would take 1 and 1/10th silver dollars to make an ounce of silver

What is the value of a 1515 dollar coin?

Please post a new, separate question with the coin's country of origin. There were no coins denominated in dollars back in the 16th century, but many countries struck silver pieces that were similar in size to, and the basis for, silver dollars.

What is the value of a 1967 half dollor worth?

Kennedy half dollars from 1965-1969 were struck in 40% silver and so many were made most are valued for the silver only, at $2.72 as of today

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