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It may be that the terminology is different than single family homes. However, barring that, here are some U.S. Census numbers for you.

In 2009, the US Census Bureau reports all housing units totalling in at 130 million 159 thousand.

Also in 2009 91,241,000 total housing units for single detached and mobile homes in the United States with 79,918,000 total occupied year round. And of these, some are renters and some are owner occupied.

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Q: How many single family homes are there in the United States?
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What is the largest builder of single-family detached homes in the United States?

The largest builder of single-family detached homes in the United States in 2002 was Centex Corporation, which reported revenues of $9.1 billion in 2002

How much copper is used in a typical house?

Single-family homes in the United States use an average of 422 pounds of copper in their construction.

What is the third-largest builder of single-family detached homes in the United States?

Lennar Corporation, with $7.3 billion in sales and 9,400 workers, ranks just behind Pulte Homes.

Is meritage homes a publicly traded company?

Meritage Homes Corporation build single family homes around the United States and active adult communities in Arizona. With the headquarters in Arizona, Meritage Homes is a public trading company.

Do Australians live in multifamily homes or single family homes?

Most Australians live in single family homes. An increasing trend is single person homes.

How many homes are there in US?

As of 2021, there are approximately 140 million homes in the United States. This includes single-family homes, apartments, townhouses, and other types of residential properties. The number fluctuates due to new construction, demolitions, and changes in ownership.

Where were the maytag family homes located in the united states?

When the Maytag family moved from Illinois to Iowa, their first home was located outside of Laurel.

What is more expensive single family homes or mobile manufactured homes?

The cost of single-family homes and mobile homes is perhaps the greatest difference between the two. Even if you purchase land with a mobile home, in almost all cases, the single-family home will cost more possibly, much more. Because the majority of mobile and manufactured homes sit on leased or rented land, the cost of single-family homes is usually much greater than mobile homes.

Which states have the highest use of mobile homes?

Most of the Southern US states have the highest use of mobile homes. South Carolina has the highest percentage of mobile homes compared to other states with over 20% of single family dwellings being a mobile home.

What is the average rent for single family homes in Atlanta, GA?

The average rent for single family homes in Atlanta, GA is between $700 and $900.

What types of homes does Standard Pacific Homes produce?

Standard pacific homes has been around since 1965 building beautiful and high quality homes in the United States. Their focus is on building family oriented communities.

What country does ryland homes come from?

Ryland Homes is a United States home-builder and developer. In fact, they are the 9th largest developers in the country! They developed homes all throughout the United States.