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i think it was 31 slaves

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Q: How many slaves did Alexander ross help?
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Who was Alexander Ross?

Alexander Ross was an abolitionist who helped slaves to freedom

How many slaves did Alexander Milton Ross free?

MAny Because hes such an amazing guy and hes so thoughful

Why Alexander Ross famous?

he help slave slave from dieing

Who is Alexander Ross?

Alexander Ross is a famous Canadian abolitionist who helped slaves escape from U.S. slave quarters and helped them get to Canada. Hes very famous. im also wondering why you need this information. for my project.

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When did William Alexander Ross die?

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When did Alexander McKenzie Ross die?

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When did Alexander Ross - politician - die?

Alexander Ross - politician - died in 1900.

When was Alexander Ross - politician - born?

Alexander Ross - politician - was born in 1829.

When did Ross Alexander die?

Ross Alexander died on 1937-01-02.

When was William Alexander Ross born?

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