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One flour tortilla 8" around uses 1 ounce of flour. two slices of bread (commercially made) uses 1 ounce of flour, typically. One 6" flour tortilla is about the same as 1 slice of bread.

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Q: How many slices of bread equals one flour tortilla?
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How many carbohydrates in a large flour tortilla?


What does a tortilla contain?

A tortilla is made with flour and water or corn flour (masa harina) and water.

How many calories in Tortillas?

It depends on what tortilla your buying. Flour Tortillas: 1 Flour Tortilla about 6" Round contains about 94 Calories 1 Flour Tortilla about 8" Round contains about 144 Calories 1 Flour Tortilla about 10" Round contains about 218 Calories 1 Flour Tortilla about 12" Round contains about 356 Calories Corn Tortillas: 1 Corn Tortilla about 6" Round contains about 45 Calories Hope this helps:)

What is the different meaning between flour for making bread and flour to make bread?

There is no difference between "flour for making bread" and "flour to make bread." Both phrases refer to the same thing: bread flour.

What are the ingreadiants for tortilla bread?

Well, the main ingredients of a spanish tortilla are obviously the eggs, potatoes, onion and peppers. If you want the recipe you need four eggs, two potatoes, one onion and one pepper.

What is the name of unleavened bread from Mexico?

Tortilla. The "classic" tortilla recipe is flour, water, salt and a little lard. Unfortunately because the lard is usually pork rendering, the classic tortilla is not kosher. Kosher tortillas can be made using Crisco (r) shortening, however, as it is considered kosher although not necessarily strictly kosher for passover.

Is there any flour you can sub to make bread flour?

I need two cups of bread flour. I have ap flour and cream of tartar though. How do I make bread flour from what I have?

Can you replace bread flour with superfine flour to make bread?

Superfine flour should not be used in place of bread flour. Bread flour is made from "hard" wheat that has been bred to have the high gluten content that makes proper bread.

What happens to bread if there's no flour in it?

There is no bread without flour.

What is the difference in bread flour and plain flour?

Plain flour has a lower gluten content than high grade or bread flour so is less suitable for bread. Some bread flours may also have additives to improve the bread texture or to quicken the bread making process.

Is sour dough bread refined?

It is not the bread that is refined but the flour that the bread is made with - thus a sourdough bread can be made with unrefined flour or refined flour.

How many calories in a large flour tortilla?