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about 150M people

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Q: How many smartphones in the world?
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Which country is the largest manufacturer of smartphones?

Mexico is the largest manufacturer of smartphones in the world.

How many people have smartphones?

Many people

How many types of smartphones are there?


How many smartphones were sold in 2011?

14,8 million

Are there prepaid smartphones?

There are prepaid smartphones available from many places such as large retail stores such as Walmart. Individual phone stores such as Telus and Rogers as well as Bell also have prepaid smartphones available.

What carriers provide service for Blackberry smartphones?

Sprint provides service for Blackberry smartphones as well as many other phones. Boost mobile also is a carrier for Blackberry smartphones and is cheaper than sprint.


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Is there a website that will compare smartphones?

There are many places where you can get the comparison and also a tutorial. It is at and also ...

How many people use GPS?

About % of the people with the Smartphones use the GPS.

How many smartphones have been sold in the USA?

Millions have been sold!

What are cell phones called that have many built-in PDA capabilities?


How many people use GPS's?

About % of the people with the Smartphones use the GPS.

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