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200,000 recruits were physically unfit and discharged either because they were ill or they suffered from other maladies, but still many slipped through the cracks and enlisted while very ill. Approximately three out of every five soldiers died of disease especially during the first year of the Civil War. Approximately half the deaths of soldiers were tuberculosis; pneumonia; diarrhea, whooping cough; chickenpox; intestinal disorders; mumps and measles. Because of the unhygienic shape of the Federal camps (rotten food and garbage of all types) bacteria and viruses spread throughout the camps and bowel disorders were common. Well over three quarters of the soldiers would contract chronic diarrhea or dysentery. Typhoid was treated with quinine and reduced fatalities, but malaria struck one quarter of the soldiers. Exposure to the elements, especially becoming damp and cold; pneumonia was the third leading cause of death.



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Q: How many soldiers died from diseases during the Civil War?
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How many soilders died during the civil war?

About 365,000 Union soldiers and 260,000 Confederate soldiers died during the Civil War. This includes all causes of death, not just combat.

How many Confederate soldiers died from diseases during the American Civil War?

Of the 258,000 Confederate soldier deaths, 164,000 were the result of disease and other non-battle causes. More 50,000 Confederate soldiers died from dysentery alone.

How many Confederates died of disease during the American Civil War?

Apprxomimately 164,000 Confederate soliers died from diseases during the American Civil War.

How many soldiers die during the civil war?

Around 600000 soldiers died from injuries or disease.

What percent of union troops died during civil war?

54% of union soldiers died

How many soldiers died during the the civil war?

Roughly 620,000 in total.

How many soldiers and civilians died during the Civil War?

Around 650,000 soldiers died during the Civil War, with just over half of that number from disease and illness. The civilian numbers are harder to figure.

How many Yankees died in the American Civil War?

Approximately 360,000 Union soldiers died during the American Civil War.

How many Union soiders died in the Civil War?

Around 360,000 Union soldiers died in the Civil War. About 123,000 were killed on the battlefield or died of wounds, and the rest died from disease. Diseases killed two soldiers on both sides for every one the enemy did.

What were two reasons soldiers died during the civil war?

being shot and infections

What was the number one killer of the Civil War?

Gunshot wounds Diseases. More soldiers died of disease than in battle. the answer is diseases, i asked my social studies teacher

What was sanitation like in the Civil War?

What sanitation? Attempts were made, but thousands of soldiers died from diseases caused by the lack of proper sanitation procedure

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