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Well I have a 2 gigabyte on my iPod and it can hold up to 500 songs so maybe one gig may hold about 200 or 300. So maybe 250 because that is half of 500.

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Q: How many songs can one gigabyte hold?
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How many songs can a one GB hold?

About 250 songs

How many songs can an iPhone 8 gb hold?

One gigabyte can hold about 250, 4-minute songs. Since the available storage on an iPhone is about 6.5 gigs, you will be able to hold up to about 1,600 songs.

How many movie minutes fit in one gigabyte?

It can hold 1000 songs, give or take

How many songs does one gigabyte hold in an apple ipod shuffle?

-I am not sure about one gig, but my iPod has 60 and it hold around 14000 songs.. hope that helps. -It can hold up to 240 songs, but the new ipod shuffle can hold up to 1,000 songs.

How many songs does 1 GB hold if songs are about 4 minutes each?

200 - 250 per gigabyte. One minute of song is approximately 1,000 kilobytes. i dont know ? :|

How many songs are in one gigabyte?

about 250 songs.

1 GB how much?

One GB equals one Gigabyte, which in turn is one thousand megabytes. That is enough space to hold about 200 songs on a ipod.

How many songs can a one gigabyte itouch hold?

There is no 1 Gigabyte Itouch but the following sizes hold: * 8GB, 16GB, or 32GB flash drive1 * Holds up to 1,750, 3,500, or 7,000 songs in 128-Kbps AAC format

How many songs is one GB?


What is the difference between a 8 GB and a 32 GB i pod touch?

The 32 GB one can hold more songs and apps, as it has 4 times as much memory.

How many movies can an ipod nano hold with about 100 songs already in it How many can an ipod classic hold in the same situation?

* it depends : there are many versions of each ipod. How many gb of each one?? * +, about 2,000

How many songs equal one GB on an ipod?

It depends how long the songs are! It depends how long the songs are!

How many gigabytes in one song?

Roughly, about 125 songs

How many songs can a 30 GB classic video ipod hold?

about 3,ooo no i had an one ipod that had 30 g and it holds 30 000 songs now i have an 80g ipod classic

How many songs does the iphone 3gs hold?

the new iphone comes in a 16 GB and 32 GB which i believe is 3500 or 7000 songs you can also choose white or black and its the price of the old one, 199 or 299. the iphone 3G is only 99 or 199 now

How many songs does an iPod 30 GB?

well if one GB holds 250 songs then times 250 by 30 250x30=7500songs :P =O.O= -Adie

How many videos will 8 gigabyte hold?

about two one and a half hour movies. one DVD is around 4 gb

How many files will 16gb hold?

That depends. A 16 gigabyte flash drive will hold up to 16 gigabytes. Every single file on your computer is a little different in size. You could have 16 one gigabyte files, or one 16 gigabyte file, or one 6 gigabyte file two 1 gigabyte files two 2 gigabyte files and one 4 gigabyte file.

How much music will a 32GB iPod store?

One gigabyte will hold about 250, 4-minute songs. A 32GB iPod only has about 28GB of storage available. So a 32GB iPod will hold about 7,000 songs.

If a zune has 120 gb how many songs can it hold?

If you limited yourself to 128Kbps encoding and each one of your songs was 3 minutes and 30 seconds long, you could store approximately 3,5714 songs on one, neglecting reserved space and the misleading size of all hard drives.

How many songs on 1 tb?

250 3-4 minute songs can fit in 1 GB. 1 TB is 1,536 GB. So, about 384,000 3-4 minute songs can fit in one TB.

How many songs is 1 GB on the ipod?

One gigabyte (GB) equals one thousand megabytes (MB). If you figure the average mp3 is 4 MB, then that's room for 250 (1000/4) songs. If you use 3 MB for a song instead, that's 333 (1000/3) songs. So it depends on how long most of the songs you listen to are.

How many minuts have one gigabytes?

there are 1000 minutes in 1 gb which you can contain lots off stuff: example, songs, pictures etc.

How many icons can a computer hold?

There is no limit except for the storage capacity of your computer. In one gigabyte (GB) you can hold well over one hundred million icons, which is only about a hundreth of the capacity it likely has.

How many songs can a 8gb ram holdon a laptop?

I guess about 2000 -12,000, but I can't think of a situation where your RAM would need to handle more than one or two songs at a time. You see, RAM (rapid access memory) isn't used for storage. For storing data (like music), you should look at the capacity of the hard drive. An 8 GB drive should hold at least 2000 mp3 songs. Generally, a computer with 8 GB RAM would have a hard drive size of at least 500 GB (which would hold at least 100,000-200,000 songs).