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How many songs does 1 GB hold?

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1 gigibyte holds 200-250 songs if the songs are about 4 minutes long

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Approximately how many songs will 1 gb hold?

It will hold about 256 averagely sized songs.

How many songs can you gb hold?

1 GB is an equivalent of 1024 MB. Assuming each audio song is 6 MB, 1 GB can hold up to 170 songs.

How many songs will 2gb hold on an ipod?

A 2 Gigabyte Ipod can hold up to 500 songs. 1 Gigabyte is up to 200 to 400 songs.

How many songs can 1 gb hold?

Just about 1500.

How Many songs can a shuffle hold?

A 1 GB holds about 250 songs. A 2 GB Holds about 500 It doesn't hold 3000 songs, not even close. Not even a 8 GB regular Ipod holds that many.

How many songs does a 1 gigabyte flash drive hold?


How many songs do a 1gb ipod hold?

1 Gb is about 250 5 minute songs

How many songs can you hold if you have 1 gigabyte left?

For an iPod touch, it can hold around roughly 250 more songs.

How much songs can 8 GB hold?

well 1 GB hold 500 songs. now do the rest of the math!!

How many songs will 1 gigabytes hold?

It depends on the length of the songs and the format they are stored in. 1 GB may hold roughly 800 3 minute mp3s, but like I said, it depends.

How many songs can a 16 GB memory card hold?

1 Millon

What is GB and how much does it hold?

1 gb can hold about 250 or350 songs, pictures and games

How many songs can16gb hold?

1 song is about 5 mb 1 gigabyte is 1000 megabytes 16000/5 = 3200 So a 16 gb mp3-player can hold about 3200 songs.

How many songs can an ipods hold with 1 GB of memory?

About 250 songs that run for three and a half minutes.

How many songs can the 3 GB iPod hold?

750. 1 song (4 minutes) at 128kbt/s = about 4 megabytes. About 1000 megabytes = 1 gigabyte. Therefore 250 songs per gigabyte x 3 = 750 songs

How many songs can a shuffle iPod hold?

You can hold up to 1000 songs on an i pod shuffle on a 1GB. No video can be held as this i pod has no screen. You can get in varieties of colours and memory(1 GB or 2 GB).

1.26 GB equals how many MegaBytes?

1 gb would hold 100 to 200 songs, mb is determined on the length of your song

How many songs can 16GB hold?

On average a song is between 3-4MB so the other numbers are a bit off. Below are the correct numbers. a 16GB can usually hold just under 4000 songs. 1 GB= 250 songs 2 GB= 500 songs 4 GB= 1000 songs 8 GB = 2000 songs 16 GB = 4000 songs 32 GB = 8000 64 GB= 16000 Depending on the quality of each song, it can be 6-7MB. Currently, I have 17.5GB of music which is only ~2700 songs.

How many songs does a 1 GB ipod nano the 4 generation hold?

250? depends on length?

How many songs does 1 GB hold if songs are about 4 minutes each?

200 - 250 per gigabyte. One minute of song is approximately 1,000 kilobytes. i dont know ? :|

At 10 megabytes a song how many songs will a 100 gigabytes hold?

Since 1 GB = 1,000 MB, 100 GB = 100,000 MB. 100,000 MB divided by 10 MB / song = 10,000 songs.

How many songs can a terabyte hold?

1 TERABYTE = 1024 GIGABYTES 1 GIGABYTE = 250+ SONGS 1024 GIGABYTE= 250,000+ SONGS Depends on the bit-rate of the song, trust me, only a few people can dedicate a TB to only music. It would last about 1 year non stop.

How many songs can a igb apple ipod hold?

Encoded at 128bit ACC format, a 1 GB iPod can hold about 240 songs. This assumes that the songs are of a 3 to 5 minute length, however.

How many songs can a one gigabyte itouch hold?

There is no 1 Gigabyte Itouch but the following sizes hold: * 8GB, 16GB, or 32GB flash drive1 * Holds up to 1,750, 3,500, or 7,000 songs in 128-Kbps AAC format

About how many songs can you get with 1 GB?

About 100 songs to be exact