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How many southern states did Lincoln win during the election of 1860?


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Lincoln won 21 southern State during the election of 1860.

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The election of Lincoln caused the southern states to hold their own independent election. This was done in opposition of Abraham Lincoln being the president of the United States.

None of the southern states voted for Lincoln because he was against slavery. IDIOTS

The election of Abraham Lincoln.

0 there were no southern states that voted for him

Lincoln did not win any Southern states in 1860. His name was not even on the ballot in most of them.

The southern states made the assumption that Lincoln would make slavery illegal.

Lincoln's election would spell an end to slavery, so the southern states refused to add him.

The election of Abraham Lincoln who promised not to disturb slavery in the states where it existed lead the southern states to secede because of his affiliation with the north. The southern states did not trust Lincoln viewing him as antislavery and too close to northern interest.

Lincoln's election brought about secession from the United States and the formation of the Confederacy.

Slavery and the election of Abraham Lincoln

The election of Abraham Lincoln as President

people were be afraid because of the ending in slavery

no, the south hated him. His election was one reason the southern states seceded.

No. Democratic Party candidate James Buchanan won the 1856 presidential election. Buchanan won 19 states including all of the southern states. The southern states seceded after Republican Party candidate Abraham Lincoln won the 1860 presidential election.

Secede from the USA, one by one, starting with South Carolina.

The election of Lincoln, who had refused to allow any extension of slavery.

President Lincoln being elected in the election of 1860

No. They seceded after Republican Party candidate Abraham Lincoln won the 1860 presidential election.

President Lincoln won 17 states in the election of 1860.

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