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There are 12-13 Spanish speaking countries in North America.

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Q: How many spanish speaking countries are in north America?
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Related questions

Countries in America that speak spanish?

In the North American continent, the country of Mexico is the only Spanish speaking country. South America on the other hand, is filled with Spanish speaking countries.

What three continents have spanish-speaking countries?

Depending on what you consider to be a continent, there are either three or four continents with Spanish-speaking countries: Europe, Africa, South America, and North America.

Where are the majority of spanish speaking countries locted?

north and south America

What countries in north and south america are spanish speaking countries?

North America consists of two countries: the USA (english speaking) and Canada (bilingual - French and English) For the rest - Spanish dominates South and Central America with the exception of Belize, Brazil, Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana

What is the language spoken in Latin America?

the term "Latin America" refers only to the spanish speaking countries of North, South, and Central America. So the answer is Spanish.

Which continents of the world have Spanish speaking countries?

The following continents have at least 1 Spanish-speaking country: Africa Europe North America South America (Some lists also include Asia, because the Philippines has a significant Spanish-speaking population)

The only spanish speaking country in north America?

the Spanish speaking country only in north America is i think Mexico.

What are the 2 countries that speak spanish in north America?

Officially, only Mexico. Unofficially, America ( USA ) has a large Spanish-speaking or Hispanic population. Canada, the third of the three countries of North America, has a very small Hispanic community of citizens.

What are ten spanish speaking countries in north and south America?

The ten countries that speak Spanish in North and South America are Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Uruguay, Paraguay, Chile, and Argentina. Hope this helps! :)

What is the most common animal in spanish speaking countries?

Cats and dogs, followed by small birds, fish and some reptiles. This is as common as it gets, as "Spanish speaking countries" include three continents (North America, South America, Europe) as well as many climates and biomes.

What spanish food is eaten in north America?

There are SO many different "Spanish" foods in North America. To the South of North America are all of the "Spanish" countries.

What country in the North America is not Spanish speaking?


Largest countries in North America?

The larger country by land mass is Canada. The larger country by population is the United States of America. Because Mexico no longer is considered part of North America but grouped with other Spanish-speaking countries of Central America, Canada and the United States are the ONLY countries in North America.r

What is the largest Spanish speaking country in North America?

Mexico is the only Spanish-speaking country in North America proper. If Central America is included, Mexico still has the largest number of speakers with more than 100 million.

What are the spanish speaking countries that make up the Caribbean?

They are sovereign states, with a separate government, with the main official language being spanish and being located in and around the carribean plate. (i.e. north of south America and south of north America. That is what they are.

What is the biggest spanish speaking country in North America?


Why is Mexico the only spanish speaking country in north America?

Mexico is not the only spanish speaking country in nrth america, ther also is El Salvador, Equador, and more

What spanish speaking country in north america uses peso?


Which contienents in the world have spanish speaking countries?

North AmericaSouth AmericaEuropeAfricaAsia

Which countries in North America speak Spanish?

9 Countries in North America speak spanish, including Central America (which is technically associated with North America): Mexico Guatemala Honduras Costa Rica Cuba Dominican Republic El Salvador Nicaragua Panama The U.S. also has a very large Spanish-speaking minority.

Spanish speaking cities in North America?

Spanish is spoken in every city in the world, whether by the inhabitans or visitors.

Countries that speak french in America?

In North and South America, the French-speaking countries are Canada, French Guyana, Haiti, and parts of the US.

Is Cuba in South America?

Cuba is a part of North America, just because it is a Spanish speaking country does not mean that it is in South America.

What did South America have more of then North America?

On a geographical basis, South America has more rain forests and jungle type areas then North America. Politically speaking, South America has many more countries then North America.

What is the only Spanish speaking country in north America?

In North America proper, it is Mexico. Including the countries in Central America, there are 7 : Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama. Only Belize (formerly British Honduras) has English as its official language.