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Depending on what you consider to be a continent, there are either three or four continents with Spanish-speaking countries: Europe, Africa, South America, and North America.

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Q: What three continents have spanish-speaking countries?
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Which three continents consist mainly of developed countries?

Europe,Asia and Ameria

Are continents countries?

Most continents are not countries. However, Australia is considered to be both a continent and a country. Though, for the most part, continents are not countries.

What are the three countries of the world found in two continents each?

Egypt, russia, Mexico

What countries are the seven continents located?

Countries are located on continents, not vice versa.

How many countries and continents are there in the Middle East region?

16 continents and 3 countries

How many countries and continents in the world?

There are 193 countries in the world and there are 7 continents in the world.

Which continents are themselves countries?

which continents are themselves coutries ?

What country borders three continents?

There is no country that borders three continents.

Which country is the smallest continent in the world?

Countries are smaller than continents. Continents contain several countries.

What country touches all three of these countries Europe Asia Bulgaria?

Europe and Asia are both continents, not countries. And Bulgaria is a country in the continent of Europe.

What 10 continents have the most countries?

There are not 10 continents on Earth.

What Crossroads of the world refers to which three continents?

The Crossroads Of Three Continents is another name for the Middle East because it is seen to connect three continents...

What were the three continents did Islam span?

Three continents were Asia , Africa and Europe .

When was Three Continents Festival created?

Three Continents Festival was created in 1979.

What three continents speak french?

French is spoken in not just three but in five continents: Africa, America (North America, South America and the Antilles), Europe, Oceania and Asia. See this link for a list of French speaking countries:

What continents do not have countries?


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What are continents divided into?


The Mediterranean sea borders which three continents?

The three continents are Europe, Asia and Africa.

What are the three continents that border the Mediterranean Sea?

The three continents are Europe, Asia, and Africa.

The mediterranian sea is bordered by what three continents?

what three continents border the Mediterranean sea?

What three continents surround the mediterrian sea?

what three continents surround the mediterranean sea

What three continents came together to form Pangaea?

It wasn't three continents it was all of them.

The meditteraniun sea borders what three continents?

The three continents are Europe, Asia and Africa.

Three continents that the mediterranean sea borders?

The three continents are Europe, Asia and Africa.