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7 species the emperor, king, adielie, chinstrap, rockhopper, macaroni, and the gentoo

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What species of wolf live in Antarctica?

There are no animals that live in Antarctica.

How many species live in Antarctica?

No animals live in Antarctica -- some sea birds and sea mammals breed on the Antarctic beaches.

Does insects live in Antarctica?

yes it is known that 67 species of insects live in Antarctica

Do grizzlies bears live in antarctica?

No. There are no bears in Antarctica of any species.

How many animal species in Antarctica?

No animals live in Antarctica: it's too cold to support any kind of food chain.

How many people are in Antarctica?

Antarctica has no living species

What type of penguins live in antarctica?

Of the 21 known species four live in Antarctica: The Adelie, the Macaroni, the Chinstrap and the Emperor.

What kinds of penguins live on Antarctica?

Of the 17 species of penguins, there are only fourspecies which live at Antarctica: Adelie, Emperor, Chinstrapand Gentoo penguins. The Antarctic is not their only range.

What types of mammals live in antarctica?

There are about 17 mammal species in Antarctica. All the mammals in Antarctica are seals, dolphins and whales.

Are there many or just a few types of insects the live in Antarctica?

there are no known species that live in antartica actually only continent that doesn't

How many species of whales are there in antarctica?

Last time I checked, Antarctica is a land mass. While whales are mammals, they live in the oceans. Simple geography fail.

How many dolphins live in the Antarctica?

Three species do, the Dusky dolphin, The Cruciger dolphin and the Hourglass dolphin x

Are eagles found in Antarctica?

Eagles are not found in Antarctica. Eagles do live in all other regions around the world. There are close to 60 species of eagles. There are two species that live in the North America.

How many insects live in Antarctica?

there are about 20 insects that live in Antarctica!!!!

How many species of seal life in antarctica?

Seals are marine animals. Antarctica is a continent. Seals that live in the Southern Ocean include Leopard seals and Weddell seals.

How many spieces are there in Antarctica?

There are around 3 - 4 different species in Antarctica.

Is a penguin the only bird in Antarctica?

no there are many other species of birds in Antarctica

What are the penguin kinds?

There are many penguin species, such as the Emperor penguin, the Adelie penguin, the Rockhopper penguin, and many, many more. Only tow species actually live in Antarctica the Emperor and the Adelie.

Where do finchs live?

There are at least one finch species everywhere but Antarctica.

What species of penguins live in antarctica?

the famous Emperor and the common chinstrap

How many types of animals live in antarctica?

None. No animals live in Antarctica.

Are there only 4 species of penguins that live in Antarctica?

No species of penguin lives in Antarctica. Penguins are sea birds and live at sea. Two types of penguins visit Antarctica's beaches to breed: Adelie and Emperor.

Does calarmari live in Antarctica?

No. Squid generally live in warmer water, but there are some squid species that live in the Southern Oceans. Antarctica is a continent, and squid prefer life in the water.

How many different species of wildlife are in Antarctica?

There are no animals that live in Antarctica: it's too cold there and there is no food chain. However, many sea birds and sea mammals visit Antarctica's beaches to breed.

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