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none. Vampire bats live in South America

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Q: How many species of Vampire Bat live in Transylvania?
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What do vampire bats live in?

Vampire Bats will find the highest and darkest place to live. They are willing to share their home with as many as 9 other species of bats, but they're the most dominant of them, and get the best spots for themselves.

What part of the world are vampires associated with?

There are stories of vampire-like creatures from many different parts of the world, but the classic Dracula-style vampire is associated with Transylvania, a region of the country Romania.

If there are many vampire in the world where do they live?

in your house:))

Is there any prooof of vampires?

Yes! I believe in Vampires! To my extent they do exist! With the many people around you, you may never know who is a vampire. And, you never can tell if they are. They may live in the countries of Transylvania, but they could also be in the United States. You never know. So, they do exist. I believe in them. Don't get me wrong, but they do exist.

How many years can a vampire bat live?

Vampire bats live longer than any other type of bat. It's about 20 years.

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Transylvania has 4 syllables. (Tran-syl-va-nia).

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There is a single species still extant. The actual number of animals is, of course, unknown. There is a link below to an article on the vampire squid.

How many miles are there from Transylvania to Montenegro?

Transylvania is a region. You have to specify a city or town within that region.

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Do vampires live for the same time as vampire bats?

they can live for up to 4000 years. However, few actually do, because a vampire's life is very physically they live for at least 200 - 400 years much longer than vampire batsSnowfire97 (18/04/09):Vampires are actually thought as being immortal.However, it has never been proved that vampires live longer than normal people.Itako Shiann - 4/01/10I always thought vampires were immortal. But after many many many thousands of years their bodies change slightly. hair loses color etc. Vampire bats however do not live as long as actual vampires .... unless a vampire actually bit them and they became a vampiric vampire bat :)

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What are the main cities of Transylvania?

Transylvania is a large region with many historic and important cities. Some of the main cities in Transylvania are Alba Iulia, Sibiu, Timișoara, Cluj-Napoca, Brașov, and Oradea.