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A common urban legend passed around via email is that that average person will swallow 8 Spiders while sleeping during their lifetime.

This is true. It isa "statistic" made up for the sole purpose of being passed around on the internet to gross people out. Although it is disgusting many need spiders to survive.

See the related links section for the Snopes article about it.

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Q: How many spiders do you eat while you sleep?
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Do humans eat spiders in their sleep?

no no one eats spiders in there sleep.

How many spiders crawl across you when sleeping?

it depends if there are spiders What? No. It is not proven. But you do eat spiders in your sleep!! YUCK!

How many spiders do you eat in a lifetime?

while you are asleep you eat 8 spiders in your lifetime

When your eating spiders in your sleep is it good for your body?

It's not really good or bad for your body when you eat spiders accidentally while you sleep. It's basically harmless.

How many spiders does the average person eat in there sleep?

A person eats an average of four (4) spiders per year in their sleep.

How many spiders do you eat a year?

You eat on average 6-8 spiders a year this is mostly all in your sleep!

How many spiders do you eat at night?

I don't know about in a single night, but I know that we swallow about 7 spiders a year because they crawl inside our mouths while we sleep

How many spiders do you eat a year while sleeping?

You usually eat 3 spiders when you are sleeping.

Do people eat spiders in their sleep?


How Many Bugs Does a Person Eat at Night?

People Swallow 8 Spiders a Year While They Sleep - Scientific American. Apr 15, 2014

How many spiders eaten in a lifetime?

In your lifetime you eat about 5 or 6 spiders while sleeping

How many spiders does the average human eat while sleeping?

The average human will eat 8 spiders in their sleep in their entire lifetime. The above is a lie, spiders have a natural instinct not to crawl into people's mouths. This rumour is one amongst the eight released as part of a social experiment.

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