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Q: How many sports teams does Pittsburgh have?
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What are the colors for the Pittsburgh sports teams?

Black and yellow (Gold)

Why you like your city?

Because in Pittsburgh, PA they have a lot of sports teams.

What cities have the same colors for all major sports teams?

Pittsburgh, and Seattle

How many teams are in Colorado?

There are 13 Colorado sports teams and 8 college Colorado sports teams

What is pennsylvaina's sports team?

Pennsylvania's sports teams include the Pittsburgh Penguins for hockey, Philadelphia 76ers for basketball, the Pittsburgh Steelers for football as well as the Philadelphia Eagles for football.

What are the most hated sports teams?

In my opinion, the PITTSBURGH PENGUINS and the DETROIT LIONS. I am from Detroit. lol :)

What are the Pittsburgh Pirates colors?

Black and gold. Pittsburgh is the only city in which all of it's professional sports teams have the same "theme" colors.

What is the only city in which all of its major league sports teams have the same color?

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is the only city in the U.S. with three sports teams that all wear the same colors.

How many professional sports teams are in Florida?

15 teams

How many sport teams does Pittsburgh Have?

They have 3. 1. Pittsburgh Pirates 2. Pittsburgh Steelers 3. Pittsburgh Penguins

Are there any professional sports in Pennsylvania?

Yes. The Philadelphia 76ers of the NBA, the Philadelphia Eagles and Pittsburgh Steelers of the NFL, the Philadelphia Flyers and Pittsburgh Penguins of the NHL, and the Philadelphia Phillies and Pittsburgh Pirates of the MLB are professional sports teams from Pennsylvania.

How many kids Sports teams?

There are 30

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