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There are 3 stages in the John Muir award.

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Q: How many stages is there in the John Muir award?
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How many siblings did john Muir have?


How many days was john Muir exploing the Muir glacier and its tributaries?

10 days

How many brothers and sisters did john muir have?

5 Sister And 2 Brothers

How many state parks are named after John Muir?

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Did john Muir live in Alaska at one time?

No, but he did go on many explorations in the alaskas!

How many books did John Muir write?

10 MAJOR books hundreds of magizines and newspaper articles

How many award did John Logie Baird win?

you tell me...

How many national parks did John Muir make?

If you want to get technical, John Muir made every National Park in America. He ESTABLISHED Yosemite National Park and convinced Franklin D. Roosevelt to make even more National Parks in order to conserve America's beauty. John Muir was also President of the National Park board until he died in 1914.

Which valley in yosemite did john Muir tried to keep from being dammed?

John Muir tried, unsuccessfully, to keep the Hetch Hetchy area from becoming dammed. The water from the dam is sent to many cities in the Bay Area, like San Francisco.

Who votes for the John Newbery award?

The award is determined by a committee of librarians and educators. The committee takes many votes and determines who the winner is.

How many children did john muir have?

Yes, John and Louie had two daughters: Wanda, born March 25, 1881, died July 1942, 60 years of age. ( Martinez Gazette ) Helen, born January 23, 1886, died June 1964, 78 years of age. (Walter Muir's file)

How many children did Henrietta Muir Edwards have?

Hewnrietta Muir edwards Had 3girls and raised them wit6h dr. Olive Edwards.

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