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Spain does not have states but they do have autonomas comunidades. Which are basically states there are 17 autonomas comunidades

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How many states are there in Spain?

There are no states in Spain. Spain has 17 autonomous communities and 2 autonomous cities. The country is further divided in to 50 provinces.

What states were claimed by Spain?

No States were claimed by Spain. When Spain was exploring there were no states.

What states in the US were claimed for Spain?

What states in the USA were claimed for Spain? What states in the USA were claimed for Spain?

Is Spain broken up into states?

No, Spain does not have states. It has Provinces.

How many member states were there when Spain became a menber?


How many autonomous states in Spain?

Spain has 17 autonomous communities and has 2 autonomous cities (Ceuta and Melilla).

The last of the Moorish states in Spain?

The last of the Moorish states in Spain was Granada

Is Spain in the United States?

No, Spain is in Europe.

What is the hottest month in Spain?

August is the hottest month in Spain. This is true of many of the European countries, as well as in the United States.

How many provinces states or territories in Spain?

Spain has 50 provinces, 17 Autonomous Communities, and 2 Autonomous Cities.

How many countries Bob Marley visited?

spain norway united states zimbawue

Are Spain and US allies?

The United states and Spain are allies.

Who has extradition with Spain?

The country that has extradition with Spain is the United States.

What body of water separates the United States from Spain?

The Atlantic Ocean

Who explored the southwest united states for Spain?

De soto , for Spain

How many flags have flown over Mississippi?

Spain, France, United States, Mississippi Republic, Confederate and United States again.

Why was the agreement with Spain blocked by southern states?

The agreement with Spain was blocked by southern states it was a grave threat to their vital interests

What was the last state of the Moors in Spain?

The last of the Moorish states in Spain was Granada.

What are the states that border Portugal?


What states surround Portugal?


What states rhyme with biz?


What is the noun in the sentence There was a famous boundary dispute between the United States and Spain.?

The nouns are: "boundary" "dispute" "United States" "Spain"

What are the states of Spain?

Spain does not have states, but "Comunidades Autónomas" or "Autonomous Regions". Please see the Related Link to see more information.

Is Louisiana closer to Argentina or to Spain?

The US state of Louisiana is closer to Argentina than to Spain. Most southern states are the same, while northern and northwestern states are closer to Spain.

What was the disagreement between the United states and Spain about the battleship Maine?

Spain said there had been an accident, and the United States said it was a Spanish attack.

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