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how many states in America have a county city or town called Independence?

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Q: How many states in America have a county city or town called independence?
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When the southern states declared their independence from the US they called their newly organized group?

Confederate States Of America

Why do you celebrate July 3rd and July fourth?

It is a celebration of our independence as a nation. Thus, this is why it is called Independence Day.

What governed American colonies after their independence was declared?

Immediately after the United States of America won its independence its national government was founded on a document called the Articles of Confederation.poop

Why does America have to be called the US?

In probably when the DI (Declaration of Independence) was signed it was the United States of America, so US is short for United States of America or it can be called USA. Another answer: Because US is short for USA, which stands for United States of America. Besides, there are many other countries in America. America was originally the name for the entire Western Hemisphere

What country declared independence from the US in1861?

confedrate states of America confedrate states of America

What year did America gain its indepenece?

America as in the country The United States gained independence from England in 1776. America as in the people of the United States have yet to gain independence, or for the most part awareness that they do not have it.

What nation attempted to achieve its independence by going to war with the US?

The Confederate States of America.

What birthday does America celebrate on independence day 2008how old are you?

In 2008, the United States of America turned 232 on Independence Day.

What county has the best military?

The United States of America

What county has demoracy government?

The United States of America

What county is Ontario California in?

United States of America

What country also celebrates its independence day on July 4th?

Only 1 country has July 4th - United States of America. Other countries may have an Independence Day, but other countries have other days for their Independence Days.