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How many states in the US have names in them?


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All states in the US have named places in them.


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Four US states have names ending with N.

No U.S. states have four words in their names.

14 US states have the letter L in their names, but only 1 starts with L, Louisiana.

none because we aren't dumb

There are 3 states with names that start and end with the letter "a".

Four U.S. states begin with the letter A. The states are Alabama, Alaska, Arizona and Arkansas.

Two US states begin with the letter K: · Kansas · Kentucky

There are 4 US states: · Washington · West Virginia · Wisconsin · Wyoming

4, Indiana, Idaho, Illinois, and Iowa

Ohio, Oklahoma and Oregon are the only US states that begin with the letter O.

No US state begins with the letter Y. However, Yucatan is one of 31 states in Mexico

According to the United States Board on Geographic Names' Geographic Names Information System, 26 populated areas in the United States are named Camden.

the us only knows two of the 4 states. they are WASHINGTON and HAWAII.

how many states are lager then us

There 9 states that have capital cities with more than one word names.

how many states are lanlocked in europe and what are their names?

Alaska and Hawaii, which became states in 1959.

Five US states have eleven letters in their names: Connecticut, Mississippi, North Dakota, South Dakota, and last but not least Rhode Island.

There aren't any U.S. states with German names. All U.S. states have names from: English Spanish Native American Languages Hawaiian (Hawaii) Inuit (Alaska)

There are two states start with the letter K; they are Kansas and Kentucky.

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