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Q: How many students at east Carolina university?
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About how many students attend the University of North Carolina at Wilmington?

13,145 students attend the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. It has 11,950 undergraduate students. Which is 11,314 more than the average college or university.

How many students attend North Carolina central university?


How many students currently attend the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill?


How many students out of every 100 students get accepted at ECU?

The acceptance rate at East Carolina University (ECU) varies each year. However, on average, around 70% of applicants are accepted at ECU. This means that out of every 100 students who apply, approximately 70 get accepted.

How many students are enrolled at the University of South Carolina?

5,000 students attend this school but they may be more than that now.

What college schools in manilaphilippines accepts octoberian students?

There are many colleges that accept Octoberian students. Some of these include De La Salle University, Far Eastern University, and University of the East.

How many countries in North Carolina?

9 universities, 9 colleges, 151 public schools.

How many degrees are at East Carolina University?

There are 102 bachelor's degree programs, 4 first professional degree programs, 77 master's degree programs, and 16 doctoral degree programs at East Carolina University. They offer degrees in person and online.

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How many students attend university of Arkansas?

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How many students attend Marshall University in WV?

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How many students attend Wilberforce university?

1500 students attend Wilberforce University.