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Q: How many sunflower seeds come in a bag?
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How many sunflowers in the bag are actually from the same sunflower?

Probably very few. Sunflower heads are processed at the factory producing the sunflower seeds by the thousands, and in washing, sorting, etc, a great deal of "mixing" takes place. A bag of sunflower seeds probably has seeds from dozens/hundreds of heads in it.

How long do sunflower seeds last for in an opened bag?

Sunflower Seeds will last about 5 years, but under the right conditions can last up to 10 years.

In the book holes what did Magnet steal from Mr Sir?

a bag of sunflower seeds

Is sunflower seeds fattening?

Sunflower seeds are calorie-dense. If you eat the kernels without the hulls as a snack, it's easy to eat too many calories. It's better to limit them to a handful per day, or to sprinkle them on your cereal or salad. Salt does not cause body fat, but it can cause water retention.

How do cockatiels eat sunflowers how do you feed them it?

Well you open the bag of sunflower seeds and feed them to the cockatiels. They will then eat them.

Is it ok to eat expired sunflower seeds?

Of course-they just taste stale and usually a bit like the plastic bag they came in.

Are baseball players allowed to have sunflower seeds on field?

Yes. They can't bring the bag on the field with them though, they're allowed to keep them in their mouth.

What do the seeds of a sunflower look like?

Go to the supermarket and look at a bag of sunflower seeds. They're about half an inch long, black and white, and very tasty. The baseball players chew on them and spit out the seed coverings on television, which is better than when they used to chew tobacco and spit out the juice.

What are hamsters favourite food?

My hamster loves unsalted sunflower seeds. You can buy a variety bag of hamster treats at your local pet store too :)

How do you train gerbils?

1.Have a bell tied to a string 2.Ring the bell by the cage 3.If you have sunflower and pumpkin seeds in the food bag, remove as many as you can(They are high in fat) 4.If the Gerbil follows the bell, give him a seed - GerbilExpert

Where are the seeds on Moshi Monsters when you buy them?

When you buy the seeds on Moshi Monsters, they go into your seed bag. You will find the seed bag when you go to your Moshling Garden. It is a red bag on the right side. Click on that bag and it will open and show you the seeds you have purchased.

Can gerbils have chicken?

You shouldn't feed them meat. Even though they are omnivorous, it is best to feed them fruit, veggies, and nuts and seeds. The food you need to give them comes in a bag and is available at most pet stores and feed stores. If you would like to give them a treat, then dried apples and carrots and sunflower seeds would be best. Give them the sunflower seeds in moderation, though, because they make the gerbils fat (the gerbil equivalent of potato chips)

How to preserve seeds for years to come?

Just put then in a dry spot (not in the sun) and do not water them. plastic bag tied tight works great too. A sealed paper bag is better a plastic bag will encourage rot.

Can you get food poisoning from expired sunflower seeds if they're over 10 years old and out of the shell and an open bag?

Not likely. Food poisoning usually is a result of: # The consequences of ingested enterotoxin # The consequences of ingested bacteria that produce toxins, but do not invade the mucosa, and are usually quickly cleared by the immune system Sunflower seeds do not contain any enterotoxins or compounds that can possibly degrade into enterotoxins in significant amounts, this rules out the possibility of #1. Since sunflower seeds are dry (and will likely dry further in the open), bacterial and fungal growth is nil even in the 10-year period, and this rules out the possibility of #2. Therefore, unless the sunflower seeds are in contact with a contaminated area or is in a very humid environment, they will likely cause no problems upon consumption (other than tasting stale).

Why does the microwave popcorn bag expand when the popcorn pops?

Because the popcorn starts out as seeds. When the seeds start to pop, the bag has to get bigger to hold all of the popcorn.

How many lifesavers come in a 6.5 ounce bag?

About 44

How many mms come in a bag per oz?


HOW MANY TABLESPOONS IN A lb bag of seeds?

You need to define the type of seed. If very small birdseed there could be about 30 tbsp. If the seeds are larger amount will differ.

How many ounces in a bag of chocolate chips?

Check the bag. They come in 6, 12, and 24 ounce bags.

How is the best way to dry sunflower seeds for bird feed?

If you are doing it on the stem, you can let nature take its course. Just watch for the heads to turn yellow and the petals to fall of. If this happens, act fast so that you do not lose all of your seeds to the ground. Place a brown bag over the head to protect it from birds, squirrels, etc. Replace it after it rains. Cut off one foot below the bag to harvest the seeds. If you wish to do early harvesting, cut about one foot below the head. You can then dry them where you want as long as it is warm and dry and well ventilated to prevent molding. A small shed or even your house is perfect. Cover with brown bags, keep them warm dry and sheltered and you have basically harvested the seeds. Simply run your hand over the sunflower head and the seeds will pop right out. There are two different ways for you.

Can you get fat from eating Sunflower seed?

It is possible in theory to eat enough sunflower seeds to get fat, but it is not very likely. You would have to eat a huge quantity of them. It's much easier to get fat by eating ice cream and donuts. mmmmm how much is a huge quantity ? i didn't mean it but i had a bag of seedless sunflowers that is 1600 calories most of them from fat and I am kind of concerned how bad is that?

How many chicken drumettes come in a 5 pound bag?

About 30 to 40 drummettes come in a 5-pound bag. It depends on how much each drummette weighs. A 5-pound bag of drummettes will feed about 8 to 10 people.

Do nike mercurial vapor VI come with a bag?

only the pro cleats come with a bag

What seeds did Tudor explorers bring from their travels?

a bag of tobacco and slaves

How much do fruit and vegetable seeds cost?

around $12000 a bag