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Q: How many sweet n low packets equal one splenda packet?
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How many sweet n low packets equal 12 packets stevia?

Both Stevia & Sweet N Low packets are the sweetness equivalent of 2 teaspoons of sugar. So, 12 packets of Sweet N Low would equal 12 packets of Stevia. This also goes for Splenda and Equal packets. They are all equivalent to the sweetness of 2 teaspoons of sugar.

How many calories in a packet of sweet?

Sweetner has no calories, regualr sugar packets are 15 calories or so each.

How many sugar sweet and low packets equal to a cup?

It takes 24 packets of Sweet 'n Low to substitute 1 cup of granulated sugar.

What is the lowest calorie natural sweetener?

equal, sweet-and-low, splenda: all zero calories!!!!

What is better sugar or splenda?

Splenda is sweeter, but sugar is healthier. Splenda is 180 times as sweet as sugar.

If you put splenda nutra sweet and sweet n low in a container with dry yeast which one would reproduce the best?

Sweet n low will reproduce, splenda will not. I did not study nutra-sweet.

What artificial sweeteners do not contain aspartame?

Aspartame is sold in the US as Nutrasweet and Equal. Sweet N' Low is saccharine. Splenda is sucralose.

Which is better splenda or sweetinlow?

Is sweet inlow good for me or not.

Explain object oriented programming with real time examples?

To explain an object oriented programming with real time examples, try using a packet of sweetener. A packet of sugar has a rectangular shape, made of paper, inked wording and contains something sweet. The same can be said for a packet of Splenda. They both have properties inherited from the abstract packet.

What is the collective noun for sweet?

The collective noun is 'a packet of sweets'.

How many sweet and low packets equal one cup of sugar?

7,or 8 The correct amount is 24 packages.

How many Sweet n Low packets equal a cup of sugar?

24 packets equals 1 cup of granulated sugar. See Sources and related links for a conversion chart.

How do you make sweet cornbread?

Put extra sugar of if you prefer splenda

How many calories in teaspoon of sweet and low?

There are zero calories in Sweet'n'Low and Splenda.

What Is Splenda made out of?

Splenda is Sucralose, Trade name for synthetic chlorinated sucrose (trichlorogalactosucrose), 2000 times as sweet as sucrose, stable to heat and acid.

How much splenda to use in ice cream?

Identical to ordinary sugar. However Splenda tastes more bitter to me than sweet, I won't us any.

How do you substitute Splenda and unsweetened chocolate for sweet baking chocolate?

In proper amounts, yes.

What cakes can I serve that a diabetic can eat?

Try making a sugar free cake. Some sugar alternatives are splenda, sweet 'n low, equal, truvia, and stevia. Ask them which one they prefer!

Can sweet and low replace splenda in a recipe?

You can substitute Splenda for Sweet and Low, although I've found that it doesn't work as well. However, this is just my opinion, so you should try asking some other people too. Hope this helped!

What foods to stay away from in a diet?

actually you should not eat fake sugar like splenda,sweet n low,etc.You actually need real sugar,because splenda,sweet n low can actually store fat instead of losing it.When you do eat sugar consume low portion.If you do lose weight while your using splenda,sweet n low,etc and you stop and go back to regular sugar and stop using splenda,etc you will gain your weight back. Trust me!

What can be used instead of sugar?

most any kind of syrup, honey, splenda, stevia, nutra sweet...splenda works best for me and it doesnt taste as bad as some artificial sweeteners.

How much Saccharin is in 1 gram packet of Sweet n Low?

Per Sweet'N Low (1-800-221-1763) there is 36mg of saccharin in a packet of Sweet n Low.

How much sugar equals a packet of sweet and low?

24 packs of sugar

How can you prepare sugar free flavored gelatin dessert?


How do you make an apple pie less sweet?

To make the apple pie less sweet, simply use less sugar. To reduce sugar calories, use a substitute like Splenda or Stevia.