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How many tablespoons of flour is equal to 1 oz?

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2 table spoons are in 1 ounce.

These are in fluent ounces, which is a measure of volume, a dry ounce is a measure of weight.

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How many tablespoons are 2 oz flour?

That is about 4.4 tablespoons.

How many tablespoons in 6 oz of plain flour?

That is approximately 21 tablespoons.

How many tablespoons to 16 oz?

Depends on the medium. 16 oz of water is 32 tablespoons, but salt will be less tablespoons and flour will be more.

How many tablespoons in 16 oz of sour cream?

32 tablespoons in a 16 oz From my research, 2 tablespoons equal 1 oz

How many tbsp is 5 oz of flour?

That is approximately 19 tablespoons

How many tablespoons equal 1 oz?

Approximately 2 tablespoons in an ounce

How many tablespoons are equal to 8oz?

8 oz of water is about 16 tablespoons.

How many tablespoons in 6 oz?

6 fluid ounces are equal to 12 tablespoons.

2 tablespoons equal how many oz?

2 Tablespoons = 1 fluid ounce

How many tablespoons equal 1.75 oz?

1.75 ounces of water is approximately 3.5 tablespoons

How many Tablespoons equal 4 oz's?

4 oz of water is approximately 8 tablespoons

How many oz are equal to 25 tablespoons?

25 tablespoons of water is approximately 12.5 ounces

How many cups would 12 tablespoons equal?

12 tablespoons is equal to 6 oz or 3/4 cup. 16 tablespoons equals one cup (8 oz).

1 oz equal how many tablespoon?

1 oz water is approximately 2 tablespoons

2 oz equal how many tablespoon?

2 oz of water is approximately 4 tablespoons.

How many teaspoon equal 4 fl oz?

That is 8 tablespoons.

How many tablespoons equals 1.42 ounces?

If that is fluid oz then 1.5 ounces equal 3 tablespoons.

How many tablespoons are equal to 8 fluid ounces?

16 tablespoons are approximately 8 fl oz.

How many oz equal tree tablespoons?

Depends what you measure. 3 tablespoons of water is 1.5 ounces.

2.5 oz equal how many tablespoons?

2.5 ounces = 5 Tablespoons = 15 teaspoons

How much is 2 tablespoons of flour in oz?

That is approximately half an ounce, depending on kind of flour.

How many cups of flour is 17.5 oz?

17.5 ounces will be equal to 24.81 cups of flour.

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