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How many tast bud are in are mouth?

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there are 32 teeth in the human mouth

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Oh yes. The tast melts in your mouth

Yes it is because a girl will feel what the dogs mouth Tast like if it is yummy or not

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well the taste buds are actually a very small mircroscopic civilization of pink people that scream what the food is to your brain when it hits your mouth and the arrangement is single file so every pink person gets a turn

you get a bad tast in your mouth and most likely get sick. Why would you drink dish soap?

A taste bud, one of the sensors in your mouth that allows you to taste, that is larger than it normally is.

Part of its amazing taste is the thrill of having it in your mouth. You may also have it flavored with something you like the the taste of.

My daughter is 9 years old, she woke up this moring with a black/brown substance on her teeth and tongue with a vomit tast in her mouth. what can cause this?

The mouth is indeed a human organ. It is part of the digestive system and is also the home to the taste bud organs.

The increased volume and thickness of mucus in your mouth and nose blocks your tast buds and your olfactory (smell) sensors

Taste buds are little dots on your tongue that sense the tast of whatever is in your mouth. There are different sections on your tongue that have sweet, sour or bitter taste buds.

because your tase bud smell it and they know you are going to eat it

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Each taste bud can detect one.

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