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Left arm: - He has a 'C' on his upperarm kinda floating on a hand. (C for Chris) - Under that he has evil clown-faced spray paint can with a 2 and B (for Brown) Right arm: - Jezus with music notes: 'He gave me the gift to sing.' - Darkness to Light: refering to his past when he had the wrong friends, did the wrong things & now, the light, because he made it. Right hand: - A skull with a halo above. Neck: - Stars-tattoo (same like Rihanna) Answer chris has 6 tatoo's 2 on his right arm 2 on his left arm 1 on his hand and 1 by his upper neck He has 6 tattoos. he had just got a new tatoo on his neck by his ear.

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How many tatoos does Chris Brown have?

chris brown has 3 or 4 tattoos 17 to 18 tattoos

Where do Chris Brown have his tattoos?

on his arms.

Does Chris Brown have habits of mind?


What tattoos does Chris Brown have on his arms?

Chris Brown has multiple tattoos on his arms, he has a spaceship with clouds, he has stars, he has various lines, and he has the word "FAME" which means Forgiving all my enemies.. It was also the name of 1 of his albums.

When chris brown got his tattoos did they hurt?

Its a tatoo of coruse it a little bit

What does Chris Browns new tattoo look like?

chris brown has 8 tattoos and the one on his neck are stars.

Do rihanna and chris brown have matching tattoos?

Yes they both have Milky Ways on their necks

Does lil chris have any tattoos?

Chris Hardman does not have any tattoos.

How many tattoos does shannon brown have?


How many tattos Chris Brown have?

2 on his right arm, 2 on his left arm, 1 on his hand, and 1 by his upper neck = 6 tattoos

How many tattoos does chris Anderson have?

Chris Anderson has 324 tattoos, but it really only looks like one because they are all connected in a way.

How many siblings did Chris Brown have?

chris brown has 1 sister

What tattoos does chris martin have?

he has tattoos now? where have you seen him....

Does Chris Brown have any tattoos?

== == he has a skull on his right hand, jesus on his right shoulder, and others down his arms

How many sisters does Chris Brown have?

Chris Brown only has one sister.

How many sibling does Chris Brown have?

Chris Brown has one older sister.

How many Awards does Chris Brown have?

Chris Brown has won 30 awards.

How many albums has Chris Brown recorded?

Chris Brown has two albums out

How many people hates Chris Brown?

95% Love Chris Brown 5% Hate Chris Brown (im in the 5%)

How many awards has Chris Brown won?

Chris Brown has won 30 awards.

How many times has Chris Brown been in jail?

Chris Brown has not been in jail.

How many girlfriends did Chris Brown had in his life?

chris brown has had 3 girlfriends in his life

How many albums does Chris Brown have out?

Chris Brown has 4 albums out , plus many mixtapes, i can count 8.

How many albams does Chris Brown have?

Four: Chris Brown, Exclusive, Graffiti,and F.A.M.E. Plus many mixtapes.

How many people love Chris Brown?

Thousands of people love Chris Brown and his music.