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How many tattoos does Chris Brown have?



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Left arm: - He has a 'C' on his upperarm kinda floating on a hand. (C for Chris) - Under that he has evil clown-faced spray paint can with a 2 and B (for Brown) Right arm: - Jezus with music notes: 'He gave me the gift to sing.' - Darkness to Light: refering to his past when he had the wrong friends, did the wrong things & now, the light, because he made it. Right hand: - A skull with a halo above. Neck: - Stars-tattoo (same like Rihanna) Answer chris has 6 tatoo's 2 on his right arm 2 on his left arm 1 on his hand and 1 by his upper neck He has 6 tattoos. he had just got a new tatoo on his neck by his ear.