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How many teeth does a dragon have?

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This of course depends upon which dragon you mean and what exactly you mean by dragon. Many member of class hexapedal don't rate the term dragon - being fish, or sea serpents. Those members of the class that we ordinarily consider to be dragons can range from a mere eight teeth to fifty-six - as far as current research has gone.

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How many teeth does the dragon teeth gate has?

There are 2 teeth in the Dragon Teeth Gate.

How many teeth does a Komodo Dragon have?

The Komodo Dragon has an average of 60 teeth.

How many teeth does a fire dragon have?

a fire dragon haves 200 teeth's

In the story Saint George and the Dragon what kind of teeth does the Dragon have?

The teeth are hollow and hold poison glands.

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Is it an advantagea disvantage to keep the dragon teeth gate?

it is not a disvantage because if we keep it the dragon teeth gate there ship may sink and stack there but it is an advantage bacause they can find temasek eazily and when wind or sunami comes they feel protect and they dont get hurt.

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