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The only Temple attributed by the Jews to King Solomon is the Temple destroyed by the Babylonians after the defeat of Judah and the exile of the Jews .

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Q: How many temples of King Solomon have there been?
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How many Temples did King Solomon build?

Solomon built one main temple only.

How long did people travel to go to king Solomon's temples?

They came from all over the world to see Solomon's temple, and the fastest mode of travel was horseback, so you can see that some of them must have been travelling for many months.

How many pages does King Solomon's Mines have?

King Solomon's Mines has 320 pages.

How many pages does King Solomon's Carpet have?

King Solomon's Carpet has 368 pages.

How many times did King Solomon's Temple get destroyed and by whom?

It was destroyed twice, once by the Babylonians and once by the Romans. _______ Something can only be destroyed once. There were two different Temples.

How many Grand Masters were there in King Solomon's day?

There were 3 Grand Masters in King Solomon's day; King Solomon, King Hiram of Tyre, and Hiram Abiff.

How did God try to save King Solomon?

God tried to save king Solomon because of his father King David, Solomon had many wives and concubines, many not isarealites. so idol worship for Solomon came in.

How many temples are there in Thailand and how many temples are actually used?

i have not been to japan or anything but there are many temples LOL

How many years did Solomon reign as King in Jerusalem?

Solomon reigned for 40 years.

How many people is as wise as king Solomon in the bible?


Which king had many wives?

Solomon had over 900 wives

Which of king david's sons ruled after him?

King Solomon, the son of King David, ruled the kingdom of Israel after his father's death. Solomon is known for his wisdom and for building the First Temple in Jerusalem.