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There is no magic number for how often a newborn should be fed, but on average, breast- and bottle-fed babies are fed every 2-3 hours or so. The two main goals of feeding are to replace the fluids that the baby loses throughout the day (in urine, sweat, etc.) and to provide them with enough calories so that they grow adequately. Some reference numbers might help:

* Breast milk and formulas have about 20 calories per ounce * "Growing adequately" means gaining 20 grams of weight per day

* To grow 20 grams a day requires about 100 calories per kilogram of infant weight per day So for example, a 4-kilogram (9-pound) baby should be getting about 400 calories each day. If there are 20 calories in each ounce of breast milk, then that baby needs 400 / 20 = 20 ounces of formula each day to gain adequate weight. Generally this is split up into 6-10 feeds each day, meaning that feeds happen every 2-3 hours, and at each feed, the baby is consuming about 2-3 ounces.

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it depends on the baby but you are meant to feed your baby every 2hrs so that could be about 20times a day

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Babies eat every 2-3 hours

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Q: How many times a day does a baby eat?
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