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MAYBE ONCE OR TWICE I personally do not think if two people are in a relationship, either one belongs going to bars without the other one, unless its a special occassion, like party of sorts. Now you are not married and your not his mother, so you have to decide what is best for you, I think the only two things people go to bars for, is to get laid or drunk, and nothing good results in that when your in a relationship. Now, safely a person in general that goes to a bar more then 2 x's a week has a problem, either way. I dont know why anyone would waste their hard earned money at a bar when they can get more for their money and be safe at home, with friends and loved ones. This is up to you and comfort level and trust in him, too....

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Q: How many times a week is it acceptable for a boyfriend to go out drinking with his friends without the girlfriend per week?
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