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A Timelord can regenerate 12 times and have 13 bodies, the 13th time instead of regenerating he is supposed to die.

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Q: How many times can a Timelord regenerate?
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Is Matt Smith the last doctor?

No. A timelord can regenerate 12 times, Matt Smith is only the 11th doctor. Also the master got around the whole 12 regenerations thing so I would hope that the doctor will too.

Who was Doctor Who?

Doctor Who (known as the Doctor) is a timelord from the planet of Gallerfray which had two of everything including two hearts, the Daleks are their greatest enemy and invaded Gallerfray, destroying it. The Daleks creator is called Davros.The Doctor is the last time lord left now he travels in his TARDIS (time and relative dimensions in space). He always has a companion. Another well known enemy is the Master, another Timelord. Whenever he poses as a human, he uses the name "John Smith" and the most famous gadget owned by him is perhaps the sonic screwdriver, a device with the ability to open or close locked doors and much more. A Timelord has a long lifespan; instead of dying they can regenerate, which means they take on a new form. I think there have been ten so far, the most current being David Tennant. It is rumoured that a Timelord can only regenerate 13 times - is the end near? For more info, Wikipedia it.

How many times during a normal persons lifetime does their skelaton regenerate?


What does The Doctor name his daughter on Doctor Who?

The Doctor names his daughter "Jenny." Jenny was created by an extraction of the 10th Doctor's DNA, from tissue in his hand. Jenny has the ability to regenerate just as the Timelord race. This means she has The Doctor's abilities.

Who was the 1st women lady doctor?

There hasn't been one. Well Donna was part timelord and so she could count but she isn't a full timelord

Does a Timelord really exist?

Not to the knowledge of the human race, no.

How many times can docter who regenerate?

According to the classic series, far as I remember, 13. But in one of the books he said he had 507 regenerations.

How long is a timelord year?

um, like a human year :D

When is Barcelona and real Madrid's rematch?

if you become a timelord then you can watch it in advance

What is the most important part of a flower?

the important part of a flower is the xylem timelord

Does a human die?

all humans die because its life ok what a stupid question you wont die unless ur immortal or ur a timelord ha lol (TimeLord , yes , Dr Who and his immortality , Jammy Bugger)

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frogs do regenerate