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He committed suicide once.

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There are about nine onstage suicides. About six more commit suicide offstage.

In the UK about 6,000 people commit suicide per year. Men commit suicide at rates of more that three times that of women.

Adult males are three to five times more likely to commit suicide than females, but females are more likely to attempt suicide.

The professions with the highest suicide rates are finance workers, veterinarians, dentists, and physicians. The profession with the highest suicide rates is marine engineering at 1.89 times as likely to commit suicide.

The HolocaustThe point of the holocaust was that Adolf Hitler (Leader of Nazi Army) was killing of Jews and some times people who did not have blond hair and blue eyes.But in the end when the war was nearly over Hitler gave the command to get the people out of the camps and destroy them.Thus giving us what we know as the death marches were they where forced to walk for ever but in the end of the war Adolf Hitler committed suicide

Adolf Hitler had a great impact on Germany. It might not have been the best, but he left a huge mark. First, he convinved many to follow him and he killed 17 million people in total. Then, he was a part of what began WWII (World War Two). Lastly, he committed suicide and left Germany in times of despair, hatred and poverty.

He tried to commit suicide multiple times.

When the war is ended, soldiers come back to their families. Some feel really guilty and go slightly mad from the experience, then commit suicide. Also, some people whose family members have died in the war commit suicide.

Men with depression are five times more likely to commit suicide, a major cause of mortality in men.

Only one that I am aware of. By placing her head in an oven.

he may have had his picture on the cover, but NEVER man of the year!

Dinosaurs did not commit suicide, neither do animals. However dinosaurs of the same species such as Mahjunghasaurus and Coelophysis did engage in canabalism, by eating their young, when times were rough.

Once, you can only be successful at suicide once. She may have attempted it more than once, but only got it right once.

Some Germans supported Hitler because they thought his ways were good. But notice how I said "some". There was The German Resistance who tried 42 times to kill Hitler.

Generally, 45-50 times. Cells are programmed to do so. After these rounds of divisions they commit suicide which is called apoptosis.

50 people per day, 18250 times per year.

Hitler was just married once. The day before he committed suicide, Hitler married his long-time girlfriend Eva Braun. Eva killed herself around the time Hitler did the same.

While some historians argue that he earnt his money 'hustling' on the streets, in more recent times, new evidence has come to light. It is now evident that Hitler earnt his money through prostitution and was apparently quite good.Hitler Made people believe in him, thinking he was a great person.Hitler made some laws.people respected Hitler, so they gave him money.when the holocaust began, Hitler would take money from the Jews.Adolf Hitler later on commited suicide.Mein Kampf was a best seller in Germany. Purchase was virtually mandatory, copies were given to newlyweds as gifts. Hitler received royalties on every sale of his book. This was enough to make him a wealthy man, financially.

Some people just lose all hope in everything. They feel like nothing is right and nothing will ever be okay, they feel that life is pointless and that they will always suffer. A lot of times, people who commit suicide have depression which could be treated. People commit suicide for all different reasons

Because people are going through hard times and when those problems and emotions pile up with no one to help lift them off they no longer want to deal with it and so they commit suicide.

you have to commit suicide and shoot your enemy in the head 40 times in multiplayer mode

Hitler planned to conquer Britain. he bombed London 57 times, but they didn't surrender!

I have not read anywhere that she had committed suicide. I read multiple times that she died from "male di mare" (illness of the womb), possibly in childbirth or some kind of venereal disease. I have also read that she died from a fever. Never suicide.

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