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a whole bunch.

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What was mohanddas Gandhi famous for?

For helping India gain its independence in 1947. Gandhi was most famous for organising non-co operation campaigns. He was a man who did all his actions without violence. Gandhi boy cotted British goods, and even organised a salt march. Gandhi was an inspiring man, who risked his life for others. He was also imprisonned many times, but they would not kill him due to the fact it would have such a big, and bad impact.

How many times was Mohandas Gandhi in jail?

Gandhi was imprisioned 4 times in 1922,1930,1933 and 1942. Gandhi was imprisioned 4 times in 1922,1930,1933 and 1942.

How was Gandhi trustworthy?

Gandhi was trustworthy because even in the worst times he managed to help his country. he never went against his word, and his fight to free from British, he kept all of his promises.

How many times has Gandhi been shot?

Gandhi has been shot three times.

How many times Gandhi visit Kerala?

5 times Gandhi visited kerala

Who wove their own clothes?

In colonial times the daughters of liberty wove their own clothes to avoid and boycott taxes.

How many times did Mohandas Gandhi go to jail?

Gandhi was imprisioned 4 times in 1922,1930,1933 and 1942.

How many times was Gandhi arrested?

Im not sure but i know he spent about seven years in jail altogether but only because of the works he did against the british

How many times did Gandhi fast during his entire life?

Gandhi fasted 3 times in his life time. thanks for reading :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

During colonial times British officials used what in order to search private homes for smuggeled goods?

writ of assistance

Indira Gandhi was in office how many times?

Four times.

How many times did Mohandas Gandhi fast?

Mohandas Gandhi fasted 5 times in his entire life. It was in order to give India Independence.

Who did Mohandas Gandhi married to?

Mahatma Gandhi was married 3 times. First when he was 13 years of age! The woman he had children with wasKasturba Gandhi.

Do the virgin islands export goods?

Yes, The British Virgin Islands export rum, fresh fish, fruit , gravel and sand. They import about 7 times more goods than they export.

How many times did Gandhi marry?


How did mohandhi k. Gandhi die?

He was shot dead by Natutham Godse. Godse fired 3 times at Gandhi. Gandhi died from blood loss

Why do people call Gandhi a light?

Because of his ethical practices. While trying to gain India's independance from British rule, Gandhi not only forbade his followers to use violence, he forbade them to curse or defame their opponents. India was freed from British occupation without a shot fired or a man killed...the greatest victory of non-violence in modern times.

How many times was Gandhi get arrested?

He was arrested 3-4 times.Mahatma gandhi was arrested 4 times in 1922,1930,1933 and 1942. he spent aprox 7 years in jail all together

What did Gandhi go to jail for?

Mohandas Gandi went to jail several times, usually for some kind of civil disobedience towards the British Government.Once Gandhi was arrested on a charge that stated he tried to overthrow the British government. He plead guilty and received a six year prison sentence in March of 1922. He was released a in January of 1924.Actually, Gandhi spent approximately 7 years in Jail. Not all at one time, but in many short periods of time (usually around 2months each). Gandhi went to jail for a number of things, but mostly for his protests against the British government in India.

Was Gandhi beaten?

Gandhi was beaten several times for various reasons including the time wen he burned the passes

When did Gandhi fast?

Gandhi fasted many times but most of all when Indians used violence as a form of protest

What are bal gangadhar tilak's contributions?

He was the first extremist leader who fearlessly declared 'Swaraj is my birth right and I must have it'.He organised the nationalist movement in Maharashtra in order to bring it into conflict with, the British Government.He stalled Home Rule Movement.He united-both wings (moderates and extremists) of Congress Party.He appealed to the people of India to boycott British goods, British courts, schools and colleges.Tilak was jailed many times by the Britishers.He infused new spirit of self sacrifice among the masses.

How many times indira gandhi marry?


How many times gandhi put in prison?


When did the colonists impose boycott?

people boycotted in ancient times to their progressive movement