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once... and it was for all his life.

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How many times does just say smile in you smile?

Justin say smile 34 time

How many times does Justin bieber say you U-smile in the song U- smile?

He says U Smile 14 times.

How many times in the Bible does it say 'Jesus'?

157 times.

How many times do babies smile a day?

I do know its in the 2 or 3 thousands. And adults only smile 17 times a day =(

How many times is the word truth used in the New king James version?

The word Truth appears 224 times in the King James Version Bible. (KJV) ~ Smile Jesus Loves You ;^D

How many times a day does a child smile?


How many times is jesus used in the bible?

Jesus is mentioned 953 times.

How many times were jesus in the wilderness?

I think you mean 'How many times was Jesus in the wilderness'.only once.

How many times is Jesus mentioned in the New Testament?

how many times was jesus used in the new testament

How many times was Jesus called Jesus?


How many times was jesus tempted in the desert?

Jesus was tempted three times in the desert.

How many times in the Bible was Jesus tempted?

Jesus christ was tempted three times

How many times did Mary speak to Jesus?

Mary, no doubt spoke to Jesus many times, but very few times are recorded in the Bible.

How many times is 'jesus' in the Bible?


How many times was jesus tempted?

3 times

How many times does Jesus call?

Three times

How many times did Jesus talk about the poor?

Jesus spoke about the poor 13 times in the Gospels.

How many times Jesus was fallen with the cross?

Jesus fell seven times on the way to Golgotha.

How many times is the word Jesus repeated in the mattew?

Jesus appears 170 times in Matthew.

How many times did Peter deny that he did not know Jesus?

Peter denied Jesus three times.

In the movie Twilight how many times does Bella smile?


How many times was the birth of Jesus mentioned in the Bible?

Jesus' birth was mentioned 50 times in the bible.

How many times did Peter say that he didn't know Jesus?

Peter denied Jesus three times.

How many times the word Jesus mentioned in the bible?

Jesus name is mentioned 943 times in the KJV

How many times Prophet Jesus and Prophet Musa were mentioned the Quran?

Jesus is mentioned 25 times

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