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I would say once a year!

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Q: How many times do starlings breed in a year?
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How many times does killer whales breed a year?

they breed 1 million times a year

How many times does a piranha breed a year?

A Piranha can breed up to 200 times a year

How many times a year do pigs breed?

i believe that it is up to 10 times a year

How many times do dingoes breed a year?


How many times do cows breed a year?

Only once.

How many times can you breed rabbits?

a buck can breed about once a day and a doe shoud only be breed about once a year

How many times do springboks breed?

Like most animals - they breed once a year - usually in the spring.

How many times a year do fresh water fish breed?

It depends on what kind of fish they are; tropical fish will reproduce many times in a year, whereas many temperate species will only do so once a year.

Can the starlings in my eaves have hatched out yet this year?


How many times can can deer have babies in a year?

Deer breed one time a year and they only give birth one time a year!

How often does snake head fish breed?

Snakehead fish (Channa sp) are reputed to breed as many as 5 times a year provided the conditions are right for them.

How much can a hamster breed in a year?

The Average Is 7 Times