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Well since mine live outside we do it like once a month.

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Q: How many times do you have to give your Labrador a bath?
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How many times should you give your dog a bath?

You should give your dog a bath at the longest of 2 week intervals, but really it should be once a week you wash your dog.

How many times should you give rabbits bathes?

Never. Rabbits, depending on the breed, will need grooming at certain times but never ever give them a bath.

How many times can you give pitbull puppies a bath?

Most dogs don't like to get bath but we bathes them are needed or 2 or 3 times a week being a short hair dog.

How many times a month should you give your guinea pig a bath?

um...i dont think u give ginnypigs baths.

How many times do bath a Chinese dwarf hamster?

You shouldn't give a hamster a bath it can give it a chill and die.Unless your hamster is really dirty.So please be careful.Use non tear shampoo if nessary.

Can you give a 5 week old pitbull puppy a bath and how many times and what shampoo can you used?

You can gave him a bath when he is 12 weeks old and use puppy shampoo only.

How many months your daschund before have a bath?

i would give my daschund a bath every week, but when you first get him, wait about 3 weeks until you give him a bath

How many times a month should a shih tzu puppy take bath?

I give my male pure bred shih tzu a bath every 2 weeks. A bath for your shih tzu every 2 weeks should do.

How many times do you bathe a baby?

Only once a day but if you want them to sleep better at night then you can give the baby a second bath.

How many months does it take for a girl labrador to give birth?

two months

How many times a day do birds take a bath?

13 times

How many times did the wife of bath travel to Jerusalem?

Three times

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