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5000 trillion times in a life time. Only if you die at an early age.

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How often does the heart beat in an average lifetime?

2.5 billon times in a life span. or about 76 beats per minute

How many times does the heart beat during life?


How many pumps can a heart pump?

On an average, the heart of an adult beats about 72 times a minute and that of a child beats between 90 and 120 times a minute. Hence, in a day (that is, 1, 440 minutes), on an average, the adult heart beats 103, 680 times and a child's hearts beats between 129, 600 and 172, 800 times. If you are referring to how many times the heart can beat in a lifetime, if we take the average person surviving the average age of a human life-span (approximately 80 years), then the average person's heat will be a staggering three billion times. This does not account for those suffering from rapid heart beat or other heart conditions and is a rough estimate.

How many times does a heart beat throughout life?

There is no exact answer I depends on when you die

How many times does your heart beat during your lifetime?

Of course, there are many variables, but if we assume the average life span of 74 years. The heart beats 100,000/day or 35 million times a year, so roughly 2.5 -3 billion times in your lifetime.

How many times does the human heart per second?

the average is 70 but sports training will condition the heart to beat slower. Jean claude Van Damme in his best days of physical shape had a heart beat of 50 pulse per minute. that is outstanding shape. Never the less you have to concider also that low heart beat can mean a bad heart condition also since a previous heart attack can make your heart beat slower for the rest of your life.

How many times does the average heart beat in a life time?

i would say about 70 beats per minute. but not every human has the same heartbeat remember that. That means it's about 80,640,000

How many times does a heart beat during a seventy-year life span?

2 billion

How many times does a human heart beat over a life time?

It depends on the person's heart rate and lifespan. Here's an equation to find out if you know those: B=525960ra B is the number of times the person's heart beats in their lifetime, r is the person's average heart rate in beats per minute, and a is the age of the person (in years) when they died.

How many times does your heart beat in 1 hour?

It depends on your health and state of activity. At rest the heart beets about 55-65 times a minuit and there are 60 minutes in an hour = 3,300 to 3,900 times an hour.= 93,600 times a day (assuming a 65 beat)= 34,164,000 times a year= 2,562,300,000 times a life (assuming you live to 75)-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ExperimentIt varies for different people. Here is what you can do: Feel your pulse while you are sitting down for 30 seconds, and count the number of heartbeats you feel. Multiply that by two, and multiply that by 60. There's your answer. If you want to find out how it is when you are standing, walking, or running, do the same thing.-------------------------------------------------------------------------4,200 is the average heart beat per min.

What are the first aid signs of life?

breathing , heart beat

How can you apply differential equations in your everyday life?

in heart beat

How does the number of times a heart beats per minute correlate to the average number of years of life in any given species?

It does not.

How many times did David beat the Philistines?

He beat the Philistines one time when was the king but he beat the philistines two times in King Saul's days. That makes it three times in his life.

On average how many times does someone use the phrase This is the worst day of my life in their life?

about 1000 times or so on average.

What should you observe when checking for signs of life?

what you should check for is a heart beat

In an average lifetime does a human have more heartbeats or breaths?

Far more heartbeats than breaths. The average resting heartbeat is between 60 and 90. Most perople take about 20 breaths a mintue at the most. Simply put, I don't know anyone who takes a breath everytime their heart beats. Coriously enough most animals have a life expectancy that just about equals one billion beats of their heart. Man is different however and lives long enough on average to hear his heart beat 3 billion times. Your heart beats about 70 times a minute so you have far more beats of your heart than breaths.

How long will a heart beat after dying?

Generally your heart will stop beating before you die. The only case I can think of where your heart may beat after you die is in the case of brain death, and that is only because you are on artificial life support.

What are the release dates for One Life to Live - 1968 As Close as the Beat of My Heart 1-10462?

One Life to Live - 1968 As Close as the Beat of My Heart 1-10462 was released on: USA: 17 June 2009

Why is the pulse beat a vital sign of life?

A pulse beat shows that the heart is still working, pumping blood through the circulatory system.

How many times does blood travel through the heart?

Trillions of times in a life time

Can you come back to life?

Yes when you have a heart attack the hospitals shock it and make it beat again

Is there a connection between heart beat and life expectancy?

If it's not beating, you're probably not living?

How many beats does your heart beat in your life?

it depends on how long your family tends to live so no answer.:/

What temperature is life threatening to children?

10 or below because it can slow down there heart beat