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8 times

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Q: How many times has Chris Jericho been Intercontinental Champion?
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Who has been Intercontinental Champion the most times?

Probably Chris Jericho Chris Jericho. He has been champion eight times

How many times has Chris Jericho been world champion?

Jericho is a 6 time champ 9 time intercontinental champ

Who has held the wwe intercontinental championship the most times?

Chris Jericho has held it the most times. 9 times exactlyChris Jericho

In WWE who has won the intercontinental title nine times?

That would be Chris Jericho.

Who is the only WWE Superstar who has captured the Intercontinental Championship 8 times?

Chris Jericho

Who has won the most titles in WWE?

Ric Flair is 16 times world champion. Chris Jericho a 9 time Intercontinental Champ. Edge a 13 time Tag Team Champion. those are the records

How many titles has chris Jericho won?

Chris Jericho is a six-time World champion in WWE, winning the World Heavyweight Championship three times; the WWE Championship once; and the WCW Championship twice. He is also a 9-time Intercontinental Champion; 2-time WWE Tag Team Champion; 5-time World Tag Team Champion. He has also had reigns as the European, Hardcore and Cruiserweight Champion.

How many times has Chris Jericho been the world heavy weight champion?

Chris Jericho has won the World Heavyweight Champion 3 times. His latest World Heavyweight Champion win was inside a Elimination Chamber and he won that from The Undertaker after a interference from Shawn Michaels.

Who is stronger undertaker or chris Jericho?

Of course undertaker is stronger. He is 4 times WWE champion and beat more stronger people than Chris jericho

How many times has chrisjericho held the WWE champonship?

1 time. Chris Jericho is a 1 time WWE Undisputed Champion. He is also a multi-time world heavyweight champion in the WWE. He also holds the record for the most number of intercontinental title reigns in the WWE

How many times has Chris Jericho been WWE champion?

1 time by defeating "stone cold" Steve Austin

How many times has Chris Jericho won the world title?

Chris Jericho has won the world title 6 times.

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