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Chris Benoit has been champion about 5 times

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Q: How many times has chris benoit become champion?
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Who is Kevin Sullivan?

A pro-wrestler and was champion several times. A satanist, and people have accused him of killing Chris Benoit and his family, as much of the evidence does point to him.

Who has been Intercontinental Champion the most times?

Probably Chris Jericho Chris Jericho. He has been champion eight times

How many times has Chris Jericho been Intercontinental Champion?

8 times

Has John Cena ever tapped out?

yes three times (once to Chris Benoit and twice to Kurt Angle

Where was Chris Benoit born?

Current TV Role: Chris Benoit On WWE SmackDown! Birthplace: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada Birthday: 5-21-1967 Often regarded as the "Internet Darling" since practically every internet fan worships him, Chris Benoit has made a reputation for being one of the most versatile workers of all time. Chris Benoit can do mat wrestling, brawling, and at times high flying. Benoit as a kid was heavily inspired by the Dynamite Kid. no he gets introdused from atlanta gorga ure obviisly not a big fan of wrestlung

How many times had rock become the WWE champion?

7 times

How many times has Chris Jericho been the world heavy weight champion?

Chris Jericho has won the World Heavyweight Champion 3 times. His latest World Heavyweight Champion win was inside a Elimination Chamber and he won that from The Undertaker after a interference from Shawn Michaels.

How many times did the WWE Intercontinental Championship changed hands in 2002?

William Regal was the champion at the beginning of the year. The list of other people who held this title during 2002 are: 1. RVD 2. Eddie Guerrero 3. Chris Benoit 4. Chris Jericho 5. Kane 6. Triple H

How many times does big show tap out at royal rumble 2004?

3 times. 1st was the walls of Jericho by chris Jericho . 2nd the ankle lock by Kurt angle. 3rd crippler crossface by chris benoit.

How many times did maria become WWE woman champion?


How many times had john cena become the WWE champion?

John Cena is an 8 time WWE champion and 2 time World champion.

Why did Chris Beniot kill his wife and then commit suicide?

It is unknown why Chris Benoit killed himself and his family. However, a common theory is that Benoit went crazy due to hitting his head so many times while wrestling. Others think that Benoit wanted to commit suicide, but he didn't want his family to suffer without him so he killed them, too. The numerous explanations for Chris Beniot's actions include brain damage, steroid abuse, and a failing marriage.

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