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Many of the modern cruise ships average around 100,000 gross tons. they range from 80,000 tons to one that is being built by the Royal Caribbean line that will weigh in at 220,000 gross tons.

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Q: How many tons is an average cruise ship?
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How many tons of fuel does a cruise ship use in a day?

On average, a large cruise ship can use up to 250 tons of fuel per day, which is around 80,000 gallons.

How big is a cruise ship?

Not all cruise ships are the same but the average size is about 25,000 tons.

How much does a cruise ship weigh?

About 720,000 tons

Is 'The World' cruise ship the biggest in the world?

No. Oasis of the Seas is the world's largest cruise ship at 225,282 tons. The World is a mere 43,524 tons

What does a diesel engine weigh?

It depends on the size. A diesel in a small car is a couple of hundred pounds, while a diesel in cruise ship is many tons.It depends on the size. A diesel in a small car is a couple of hundred pounds, while a diesel in cruise ship is many tons.

What is the size of royal Caribbean freedom of the seas cruise ship?

How about 160,000 tons !

What is the largest ship 2012?

Currently, the largest cruise liners in the world are the "Oasis Of the Seas" and "Allure Of the Seas," "identical" ships owned by Royal Caribbean Cruise Line. They weigh in at over 222,000 tons apiece, and each ship has a passenger capacity of 6,296 guests and 2,165 crew. Even though these ships are officially identical, the Allure in reality is about 6 inches longer than the Oasis. These are by far the largest cruise ships currently in service. In comparison, the 3rd largest cruise ship, the Norwegian "Epic," is just under 160,000 tons -- a size difference of about 62,000 tons. 62,000 tons was the average size of an entire cruise ship in the late 1990's or early 2000's.

What is the smallest Disney cruise ship?

The smallest Disney Cruise Line ship is the Disney Magic. The Magic is the first and smallest ship, being 1,662 tons lighter than its sister ship, the Disney Wonder.

How much does a carnival Spirit cruise ship weigh?

The Carnival Spirit cruise ship weight about 86,000 tons. The length of this ship is 963 feet. This ship can carry over 2,100 guests and 930 employees.

How much for a small cruise ship use in fuel?

The amount of fuel used by Cruise Ships will vary. It depends on their size. The Queen Victoria Cruise Ship can load upto 3000 tons of fuel. The 3000 tons are considered to be heavy fuel type. These ocean liners can also carry over 140 tons of gas oil. Typically the amount taken up will be 12 tons every 60 minutes. On average it uses up to 300 gallons to the mile. The burnout rate is between 50 to 100 tons every day depending on the model. . This applies to the typical cruise ship. Larger ships can carry much more. Hope this helps.

What is the biggest cruise ship?

Royal Caribbean International's Symphony of the Seas is the largest cruise ship in the world at approximately 228,081 gross tons. Queen Mary 2 (2004) is the largest ocean liner in the world at about 150,000 gross tons.

Which weighs more a house or a cruise ship?

According to experts, an average 2,200 square foot house weighs at most 600,000 pounds: Modern cruise ships range in weight from about 30,000 tons up to 220,000 tons, so they are signficantly heavier than houses.

What is the largest ship in carnival cruise line fleet?

carnival splendor 113,000 tons the new dream (out next year) will be 130,000 tons

Is it possible for a human to push a cruise ship off the dock?

No, The ship does not have wheels so it would be like pushing some hundred tons.

How many people can fit on a cruise ship?

Depends on the ship, on the Carnival cruise ship Conquest can fit 3400 passengers Cruise Ship : SuperSeaCat 4 Traveling from Helsinki to Tallinn, the SuperSeaCat 4 which was built in 2000 weighing 4500 gross tons, can carry 700 passengers with 25 crews to attend to the ship and the passengers. Cruise Ship : GTS Finnjet Tours from Helsinki, Tallinn and Rostock, the 32940 gross ton 1977 built ship can carry 1781 passengers with 172 crew to assist them and do cruise ship jobs. Cruise Ship : Silja Festival Tours places like Turku, Eland Islands and Stockholm, the 34414 gross ton ship built in 1986 can carry 1916 passengers with 180 crews. Cruise Ship : Silja Serenade Built in 1990, the ship travels Helsinki, Eland Islands and Stockholm. The ship can carry 2852 passengers with 264 cruise staff and weighs 58376 gross tons. Cruise Ship : Silja Sympony Built in 1991, the 58377 gross ton ship can carry 2952 passengers with 264 crews to the same destinations as the Silja Serenade. Cruise Ship : Silja Europa Can carry 3123 passengers with 300 staffs to attend to the ship and the passenger. Built in 1993 and weighs 59914 gross tons, the Silja Europa carries passengers in destinations like Turku, Eland Islands and depends on the ship, all most all major cruise ships are on wikipedia and it should say the occupancy there.The largest cruise ship (Oasis of the Sea) can accommodate about 6,000 passengers plus thousands of crew members.

How many tons does a ship weigh?

depends on the ship

What is the biggest Disney cruise ship?

The biggest Disney Cruise Line ship is the Disney Fantasy. It is the same size as its sister ship, the Disney Dream, in terms of length (1,114.8 ft.), but it weighs 60 more tons than the Dream, which only weighs 129,690 tons compared to the Fantasy's 129,750. This is due to the small difference in attractions aboard the Dream and the Fantasy, which make the Fantasy 60 tons heavier.

Of the choices below, which unit of measurement would be most appropriate for measuring the weight of a cruise ship?

There are no options, but I would choose tons.

Is Carnival a top cruise line?

Yes, Carnival is a great cruise ship! We only go on Carnival cruises. They are cheap. The staff is friendly and there is tons of stuff to do on board!

How many tons did Nina the ship weigh?

15-16 tons

How much does the average anchor weigh?

The average modern day anchor on medium sized ships is about 60 tons. The average anchor on a large ship is about 100 tons.

How many metric tons in a ship load?

That depends on the size of the ship.

What is the most recently built cruise ship?

The most recently completed cruise ship is the Disney Dream. She was built in the Meyer Werft shipyards of Germany at 339 meters (1112 feet) long and weighing 128,000 tons, or 256,000,000 pounds.

How big is the Sapphire Princess ship?

The Sapphire Princess cruise ship is about 950 feet long, contains 13 decks, and weights 116,000 gross tons. More information about the ship can be found on Wikipedia.

If a ship weighs 980 tons how many kilograms does the ship weigh?