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There are over 1,000,000,000,000 Computer Viruses in extistence as of 2008

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Q: How many total viruses have ever been made for all versions of Windows?
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How many versions of Windows XP software has been released?

Windows XP was released by Microsoft in August 2001. There are two versions of Windows XP. One is Windows XP Home and the other is Windows XP Professional. There have been four versions of XP that have been released. Mainstream support for Windows XP stopped on April 14, 2009.

How many versions of Windows API have there been?

There have been thousands of versions of Windows API. Different versions have been released with each new Windows operating system and during the course of it's lifetime, each edition is subjected to many hundreds of updates.

What versions of windows have been the best?


Who made Windows 8?

All versions of Windows to-date have been made by Microsoft.

How many updates for Microsoft Office have been released?

In total there have been 28 different Microsoft Office versions released. 16 of those versions were for Windows, whereas 12 of them were for Mac. On top of that there have been 8 editions of Microsoft Office released.

How many versions of office for the windows platform have been released?


What file system would have been installed with Windows 3.1?

Windows 3.1 would have been installed on top of a standalone version of MS-DOS. All standalone versions of MS-DOS used FAT12 or FAT16. It is possible to run Windows 3.1 on top of later versions of MS-DOS with a FAT32 file system, but this would have been extremely uncommon.

What causes the whooshing sound in Windows 8?

The sounds in all of the Windows versions have been made while Windows was being developed. The whooshing sound is nothing more than your speakers just playing a sound.

How many versions has there been of the original Star Wars trilogy?

There have been many versions of the original Star Wars trilogy. There have been six in total that have been released. Episode VI will be released in 2015, and VIII and IX will be released in 2017 and 2019.

What is one way to open the windows explorer in Windows xp?

Windows Explorer in a Windows XP operating system, can be opened by double clicking on the "e" in the start menu. Windows XP has been termed obsolete by Microsoft. Windows XP computers no longer receive critical updates to prevent against viruses.

Is internet explorer free to download on windows 7?

All versions of IE have allways been free and can be installed on W7 as well.

Will LimeWire give your dell inspiron with Windows 7 and avg free virus protection viruses?

LimeWire may give a Dell Inspiron with Windows 7 and AVG virus protection viruses. This is because no matter what the person is downloading to the computer, unless it is from a trusted source, anything may be in the file. LimeWire has been known to give many computers viruses.

How many types of windows os?

There have been 6 major versions. As of the time of this writing, the current stable release is Windows 7 (however, note that the internal version number is actually NT 6.1). Windows 8 (version NT 6.2) is currently in development. For most major versions, there have been a few "minor" versions. This was evident in the name up to Windows 3.x. However, commercial branding has made the less evident since the introduction of Windows 95, which shared the same major version number (which was 4.x) with Windows 98 and Windows Me, for example. Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows Server 2003 all were version NT 5.x. And finally, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows Server 2008 are all version NT 6.x. To complicate things a little further, Microsoft started developing Windows NT, geared more toward business users, alongside the main line of Windows versions. This began with the initial release of Windows NT 3.1 in 1993. The Windows NT line was merged into (or, perhaps more properly, transformed into) the main line of Windows releases beginning with NT 5.1, also known as Windows XP. This was the first version of Windows NT to feature both Home and Professional editions, making it successor to both Windows 2000 (business oriented) and Windows Me (consumer oriented).

What percentage of the world have had viruses and been hacked?

50% of the world has had viruses and has been hacked.

What sims work on macantosh?

Any sims games that have been brought out for it. I know that both The Sims 2 and The Sims 3 have been brought out for Windows and Mac so there are versions for Mac available.

How many versions does Mozilla Fire Fox have?

Mozilla Firefox is a vastly popular web browser. There have been a total of 20 versions of the application. Additionally, within each version there are typically several updates.

What makes windows 7 more sufficient than windows 97?

Windows 97 does not exist. It's been sold fake versions with fake images in the 90's and people uploaded edited images to the web to trick people.Windows 95Windows NT (1996)Windows 98

How many versions of Windows has there been so far?

It ranges from Windows 1.0 (1.0) to Windows 7 (7.0). Names are Windows 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 3.1, 95, 98, 2000, ME, Vista, 7. Vista is Version 6, 7 is Version 7. Windows 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 3.1 have their names as their version numbers. Windows 2000 - 7 are part of NT - New Technology.

Limitations on processors for windows server?

I have been working with all versions of windows applications and I have never had any of them have problems with a processor. The limitations I guess would be the amount of processors that can be put on the motherboard. In other words I can't think of any limitations.

How do you get to the start menu?

Older Windows versions: Click 'Start' in the bottom-left. Windows 7: Click the round button on the bottom-left that has 4-coloured squares in it. Windows 8: The start menu has been replaced for a Start Screen, which appars when you turn it on.

What operating system has been attacked most by computer viruses?

The Windows operating system has been attacked the most by viruses. That is not so much because it is insecure as much as it is popular. If you were a malicious hacker and you only had time to target a single operating system, then you would likely choose the one with the most users.

How do you change the windows had been washed into an active voice?

washed the windows had been

How many different versions of the Barbie doll have been sold?

As of 1999, there had been at least 2,300 versions of the Barbie doll.

What viruses have been created to destroy disease?

what viruses were used to destroy diseases

What is the purpose of use of MS-DOS?

MSDOS was the original operating system for the IBM PC. It has since been replaced in current versions of Windows by a scripting utility, as Windows is now a complete operating system and does not need MSDOS anymore.