How many tribes did Balboa conquer?

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Who did Vasco Nunez De Balboa conquer?

he conquer the south east

What bad things did Balboa do?

he killed many indian tribes amd conquered them

Did Giovanni da verrazzano conquer any tribes?


How did The Incan Warrios conquer other tribes?

he wet himself

What tribes or people did the Romans conquer?

Egypt was one of the peoples that the Romans conquered. Some of the others were the tribes of Britain, the Spanish tribes, the Syrians, the Jews and all the various tribes of Gaul.

How many expeditions was Balboa in charge of?

Balboa was in charge of 4 expeditions

Did Assyrians destroy the Ten Tribes of Israel?

AnswerIn 722 BC the Assyrians conquered and took into captivity the 10 tribes of Israel. They were, however, unable to conquer the remaining two tribes in Jerusalem.

Why were the Germanic tribes able to conquer the Roman Empire?

they are able to conquer roman empire because they are too powerful and roman empire are really weak...

What dificulties did did the English face?

The British faced many difficulties while trying to conquer and colonize America. There were many obstacles like weather and native tribes. The plagues and illnesses were always present.

Why did the Aztecs conquer surrounding tribes?

Two reasons...... 1. Economic 2. Religious (they needed sacrifices)

Did the Celts have a chance of defeating the Romans?

Yes, they did. If the many Celtic tribes scattered across Europe had been unified, it is very unlikely that the Romans would have been able to conquer them.

How did fighting among the tribes of Israel make it easier for their enemies to conquer them?

they were divided so they were weak against their enemies

How many ships did Balboa have?

number unknown

What nations did Julius Caesar conquer?

He conquered many nations, most notably, the Gauls, the Belgae, the Aquitani, and the tribes living in Britain at the time. (Modern countries - France, Belgium, and England)

How many pages does Two to Conquer have?

Two to Conquer has 335 pages.

How many pages does To Conquer Chaos have?

To Conquer Chaos has 192 pages.

Did other Indian tribes help Cortes defeat Montezuma?

yes they hated montezumas regime and helped cortez conquer them

Who did the Aztecs conquer and why?

the Aztecs conqoued most of the smaller tribes that you don't really here about because they were easy to defeat and so that is why

What race was Balboa?

He was born in Spain, so may be titled "Hispanic", although not in the latinoamericano (latino) sense. The people of Spain and Portugal existed as tribes in pre-Roman days and were distinct from Caucasian tribes in other parts of Europe.

How many movies were mad of rocky Balboa?

six rocky , rocky I,II,III,IV,V, rocky balboa

About how many tribes are there in African estimate?

about how many tribes are there in African estimate

What job did francicso Pizarro have?

Francisco Pizarro was an explorer and conquistador who journeyed with Vasco Nunez de Balboa to the Isthmus of Panama in 1513. Pizarro went on to conquer Peru in 1533.

How many countries did German want to conquer?

Germany wanted to conquer the world.

How many children did Vasco Nunez Balboa have?

He had 3

How many kids did vasco de balboa have?