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How many trips into space can space shuttle make?

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Q: How many trips into space can space shuttle make?
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How many trips can a space shuttle take?

As long as it is repaired properly, a space shuttle can make trips to and from space forever. They were built for just that purpose. However, they will not do this because NASA is retiring the space shuttles this year (2010).

How many trips did the Space Shuttle Columbia make?

The space shuttle Columbia completed 27 successful space flights, not including its final flight whereupon it was destroyed in the Earth's atmosphere. It was the only shuttle apart from the Challenger never to dock with the Mir Space Station or the International Space Station.

How many flights can 1 space shuttle make in its lifetime?

They planned that each shuttle could make 100 flights.

How many years does it take to make a space shuttle?

It takes five years for a space shuttle to be built for a mission. It can cost an estimated amount of $2 billion.

How many manned Mercury Space Shuttle missions were there?

None. We have not had a manned mission to Mercury yet. The space shuttle would be unable to make that type of trip.

How many times can a space shuttle be used?

It depends on the conditions of the space shuttle and how well it is maintained. Space shuttle discovery went on 39 missions to space

How many butins in the space shuttle?

A space shuttle has over 1,000 buttons and swiches.

How many flights can 1 shuttle make in its lifetime?

The space shuttle was built to be able to fly 100 times each before being retired. The space shuttle with the most flights is Discovery with 36

How many shuttle went to space?

The 5 Space Shuttles flew in space 134 times. One mission didn't make it to space.

How many people are on the space shuttle?

upto 3-5 people are aloud on a space shuttle

How many minutes does the space shuttle go in 0-17000 mph?

How many minutes does the space shuttle travel?

Did they find the space shuttle challengers capsule?

The Space Shuttle is not a capsule, it's a spacecraft. They found many pieces of the Challenger space shuttle, including the crew compartment.

How many heat resistence tiles are on a space shuttle?

3,012 heat resistance tiles are on the space shuttle

How many missions did Space Shuttle Columbia fly?

Space Shuttle Columbia flew 28 missions.

How many space shuttle were there?

There were six NASA Space Shuttles.

How many times has the space shuttle launched from earth?

As of the 10th of April 2010, there have been 131 space shuttle launches.

What are the Components of a space shuttle?

many parts.

How many space shuttle accidents were there?


How many hours or minutes does it take a space shuttle to go to outer space?

From liftoff the Shuttle can be in outer space within 7 to 9 minutes.

How many Space Shuttle have crashed?

two space shuttles have crashsed

How many people have died on a space mission?

14 on the space shuttle

How many heat resistant tiles would fit on a space shuttle?

More than 20,000 tiles fit on a space shuttle.

Roughly how many times does a space shuttle go into space before NASA gets a new one?

No working space shuttle has been replaced yet.

Who were the austronauts that were in the space shuttle with her?

There are/were 5 space shuttles and over 100 missions as well as one other shuttle that only flew in the atmosphere as a test of the flight capability. Many people have ridden on the space shuttle.

How many total trips to space did Neil Armstrong take?

5 trips to the bigass moon