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over 1000000 troops were used and they were sent into France

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What did people do to help support troops during the second Iraq war?

People put yellow ribbons in trees, used "Support our Troops" bumper stickers, sent food, clothing and letters to the troops in Iraq. People put yellow ribbons in trees, used "Support our Troops" bumper stickers, sent food, clothing and letters to the troops in Iraq.

What were the Australian attitudes to the British after World War 1?

Many Australians held that their troops were often used as sacrificial lambs sent out to be slaughtered while British troops were held in reserve and spared. Canadians shared the same sentiment after the Raid at Dieppe. (And rightly or wrongly, many hold on to those feelings within the British Empire today.)

How many pigs died in WW1?

A lot. Pigs were used to feed the troops on both sides. And there were many, many troops.

How were American troops used in Russia in World War 1?

American troops were used in Russia during there revolution along with English troops fighting on the side of the whites defending the Czar against the reds.

What airplanes were in d-day?

I Belive that there were p-51s,dc-3s and other ones that im not sure about. The Allies used thousands of planes for bombing and attacking the German troops and supplies. They sent all the aircraft that could be used in any way. So basically, any aircraft that was stationed in UK was sent to support the invasion. On the day of the invasion, the German air force only sent two FW-190 fighters to attack the troops.

Alamo uses in the past?

Spanish used it as a mission for native americans. Later, Mexico had troops in it that were later sent away by the Texas army. Santa Anna took it back on March 6, 1836. Mexican troops left after Texas won its independence. Used as museum thereafter.

How many Canadian troops were used on D-Day?

On 6th June 1944 - Juno Beach - 21,400 Canadian troops were landed.

How many troops did Napoleon use in the invasion of Egypt?

In 1798 Napoleon used 30,000 troops when he invaded Egypt. Napoleon believed that Egypt was a weak point in Britain's world empire. One goal of the invasion was to control the Mediterranean's route to India.

How many Diwali cards sent each year?

Many Diwali cards are sent each year. Cards are used to wish relatives and friends.

Where American troops given crystal meth in world war 2?

Not in the American Military, It was used by the Germans.

What is a major war Portugal have had?

The Colonial Wars, with Portugal's former colonies. We sent some troops to France during the first World War, but ended up abandoning them up there because someone killed Portugal's king (who was pro-allies) and instated a republic government (who couldn't care less). During the second World War we were ruled by a fascist government, much like Germany and Italy, that supplied tungsten to Germany, who then used it to build tanks. The allies were upset about it, so we grudgingly backed off and sent some supplies, but no troops.

Did british troops deploy at remagen bridge?

No, it was American troops that captured the Ludendorff railroad bridge at Remagen on March 7, 1945. It was American troops that used the bridge to cross the Rhine River at that location. The British troops under Montgomery were further north preparing to cross in their offensive sector. Also, this same bridge was used by American, French & possibly British troops after the end of the First World War (in 1918 & 1919) to cross the Rhine River. The bridge was built during the First World War.

What type of troops did William use?

william used norman troops

Where and why was trench warfare first used?

While some trenching was used in the 19th century to protect troops from artillery, trench warfare saw its zenith in World War I. The elaborate earthworks, while miserable for many, likely saved the lives of many thousands.

Why were wartime songs so important in World War 2?

They are used to keep up the spirit and vitality of our troops.

What was used to kill six million Jews during world war 2?

Jews were sent to death camps where diseases spread and many germans killed jews there.

A need a sentence with troops?

The Colonel is about to address the troops. Bob Hope used to entertain the troops that were in the war zones.

What was a flamethrower used for in World War 1?

During WW1 the flamethrowers were used to clear out enemy trenches in order for your troops to be able to take them over.

Were paratroopers used in world war 2?

Yes, but they were used primarily by the Allies, because the Axis powers eventually did not have the resources to drop down troops.

How many airborne troops were used d day?

There were airborne troops from America, Britain, and Canada. Approximately 24,000 Americans and around 18,000 British and Canadians flew.

What where G.I. passwords in world war 2?

Troops in World War II used the password 'flash'. It was meant to be answered in return with the password 'thunder.'

What did dogs do in World War 2?

dogs had numerous tasks for instance Russia trained dogs to destroy tanks America used dogs to locate ammunitian depots or to locate troops MIA Germany used dogs to maul enemy troops.

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