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How many type in pulley machine?


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Pulley machine type of many! Machine have many pulley, many pulley machine! Type machine, many pulley type. Pulleys, type pulley machine many type. Machine.


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No a pulley is a "simple machine". While a pulley may utilize a gear, they are not one in the same.

It is a simple machine and is also a type of lever! I hope this helps : )

A grooved wheel with a rope, chain or cable running through the groove.

A rope isn't a simple machine, but it can be attached to a pulley, which is a simple machine.

Yes, a pulley is a simple machine.

I know for a fact that the answer is a pulley.

a pulley and wheel and axle

It is a pulley with a wheel and axle

what is the function of a pulley in a sewing machine

pulley and Alonte' Gilstrap answered this question.

Yes, pulley is a simple machine.

description of pulley machine

drapery rod, shoelaces, washing machine, rope to open/close blinds

yes, you would be using a pulley which is a type of simple machine. It is a type of machine that is changing the direction over which a force is exerted.

fixed pulley,moveable pulley and block-and tackle pulley

the gear box of a simple machine is a pulley. It is a pulley because it is

it is a single pulley mixed together with a wheel and axel

The bicycle is not a simple machine, there are too many interacting moving parts.

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