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How many types of Pimms are there?

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There were four types of Pimms No 1 No 2 No 3 and No 4

No 1 was for gin

No 2 was for brandy

No 3 was for whiskey

No 4 was for rum

it is rare to find 2,3, and 4 nowadays

This is not true. There were 6 types of Pimm's. Pimm's No 1 Cup (Gin) Pimm's No 2 (Scotch) Pimm's No 3 (Brandy) Pimm's No 4 (Rum) Pimm's No 5 (Rye Whiskey) and finally Pimm's No 6 (Vodka). Today only 3 can be found. No 1, No 3 (as Pimm's Winter Cup) and No 6. And just to be utra nerdy it's spelt Pimm's (with an apostrophe) after James Pimm who used to run a Public House during the mid 1850s in The City of London at Poultry.

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Pimms has 156 Calories per 100ml so 25 ml will have 40 calories - that's just the pimms, not the mixer added. Source from diageo website

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No. IN the UK the sale of alcohol act does not cover such drinks as Pimms. They may be sold in any volume

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