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There are five types of reading comprehension passages on the Compass reading placement test.

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Q: How many types of reading comprehension passages are in the Compass reading placement test?
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Where can I find online information about reading comprehension 4th grade?

Printable worksheets for measuring a fourth grade student's ability to understand what he/she reads. Reading passages are followed by a set of reading comprehension questions.

What has the author Roland John written?

Roland John has written: 'Believing Words Are Real' 'Graded English Tests' 'Reading Comprehension Passages, Book 3' 'Oil (Modern English Library)' 'Flying colours' -- subject(s): English language, Text-books for foreigners 'Report from the desert' 'Biggles breaks the silence' 'ER-Easy' -- subject(s): Computer graphics, Database management 'Passages for Reading and Comprehension' 'Reading Comprehension Passages (English Library)' 'To Weigh Alternatives'

What are the kinds of reading comprehension?

The different kinds of reading comprehensions are literal comprehension, applied comprehension, lexical comprehension, effective comprehension and interpretive comprehension. It is important that an individual understand these different kinds of comprehension.

When was Remedial Reading Comprehension created?

Remedial Reading Comprehension was created in 1970.

What is non linear reading comprehension text?

how i want do it non linear reading comprehension

What is the duration of Remedial Reading Comprehension?

The duration of Remedial Reading Comprehension is 300.0 seconds.

What is the reading for comprehension?

Reading for comprehension is much the same as reading in such a way as to understand what has been read and be able discuss it.

What are the two types of reading skills?

independence reading and comprehension reading

Are there tests online to test reading comprehension?

Yes there are, if you type in practice for reading comprehension then it will appear and there's your test.

Where could I find an Interactive reading comprehension website?

There are multiple reading comprehension websites and resources. A list of reading comprehension resources can be found here:

What aspect of reading does the ACT reading test measure?


What has the author Gary Woolley written?

Gary Woolley has written: 'Reading comprehension' -- subject(s): Reading comprehension, Study and teaching, Reading, Remedial teaching

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