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How many voyages did Hernando Cortes make?

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How many voyages did HErnando Cortes go on?

who nos

How many voyages did Hernando cortez make?

He took three voyages.

How many trips did Hernando Cortes make?


Did Hernando Cortes has any kids?

yes hernando cortes had many kids

How many voyages did Hernando de Soto make?


How many expeditions did Hernando Cortes make?

3 expeditions 3 expeditions

How many men did Hernando Cortes have?


How many ships did Hernando Cortes have?


How many crew members did Hernando Cortes have?

hernando cortez hade about 600-300

How many ships did Hernando Cortes use?

Hernando De Soto had 11 ships.

How many voyages did Hernando Cortez take?


How many wives did Hernando Cortes have?

He had 3 wives.

How many voyages did Hernan Cortes go on?


What was Hernando Cortes best known for...?

Hernando Cortes was best known for finding Mexico. He was a famous explorer and many still argue about whether he was a hero or villain.

How many years of exploration did Hernando Cortes do?

I thick it was 11

How many soldiers did Hernando Cortes have to conquire the Aztec capital?


How many years did Hernando cortes' explore?

it was 16 years

How many siblings did Hernando Cortes have?

There is no official documentation on how many siblings that Hernando Cortez had. However, it is believed by some that he may have had three siblings.

How many voyages did Hernando de Soto take?

it doesnt matter but if it did he took 3 boring voyages.:0 haha

How many men did Hernando de Cortes take with him?

There were about 700 men on his voyage

What was the hair color of Hernando Cortes?

There are many paintings of him with red/brown hair.

What ships did Hernando Cortes sail on?

Hernana Cortz saided on many rivefr and seas

How many crew members were on Hernando Cortes' ship?

Around 500-550

What were some titles and honors Hernando Cortes earned?

Hernando Cortes was rewarded with being the govenor of Mexico, gold, and many more. So if you were looking for a answer well now you got it so thank you very much if you have read this.

Did Cortes ever kill someone?

Yes. Hernando Cortes was a Spanish Conquistador and he led the conquest of the Aztecs. He and his men massacred thousands of Indians as they traveled through Mexico. Directly and indirectly, Hernando Cortes killed many people all out of a desire for wealth and pride for his country.