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How many watts does a hydroelectric plant make?

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Most powerplants produce several "Megawatts" of power. A megawatt is a million watts. The average lamp in our homes is about 100 watts.

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How many people does it take to run a hydroelectric power plant?

to run one hydroelectric power plant it needs about 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000212212200 people to run it.

How many mega watts does a hydro electric plant make?

If it is a large plant then more than 30 megawatts, and if it is a small plant then less than 30 megawatts.

How many watts does solar make?

Solar panels can make enough watts to power your whole house if you have enough of them. Some solar panels will generate 50 watts, 80 watts or 120 watts.

How many watts make 1 kva?

1 kva is equal to 1000 watts

How many watts will a ten kilowatt generator make?

10,000 watts (10 Kilowatts).

How many watts CFL do you need to grow 1 marijuana plant?

i think the rule is 100watt per plant.

How many watts is an cctv camera?

How many watts a CCTV camera is depends on the make and the model of the camera. Smaller cameras are as little as 15 and 17 watts.

How many volts does it take to make 1 horsepower?

Volts don't make power. Watts do. Watts = (volts) x (amps) 1 horsepower = 746 watts

How many types of power plant?

Atomic Energy plant, Oil fired plant, Gas fired plant, Coal fired Plant, Gas Turbine plant, Hydroelectric plant, Wave power, Wind power, Solar panel type

How many watts to make amp?


How many watts make 8amps of 110volts?

Power = E I = (110) x (8) = 880 watts

How many watts is a speaker?

That depends on the speaker's type and make.

How many megawatts does a large coal fired power plant produce in a hour?

100 mega watts

How many watts make 1 horse power?

from memory at trade school , it is 743 watts = 1 horse powercheers

How many hydroelectric dams in SA?

2 hydroelectric dams in south Africa

How many kilo watts does a dam make?

That depends how powerful the turbines are and how many the dam has.

How many watts does a projector lamp consume?

It depend by the type and the make.

How many micro watts make up a watt?

1 million

How many volts does it take to make 4000 watts?

There is not enough information to answer your question directly... In order to determine how many volts it takes to make 4000 watts, you also need to know how many amperes there are. That is because watts is volts times amperes. For example, if you had a 120V system, you could divide 4000 watts by 120 volts to get 33 1/3 amperes.

Hydroelectric energy not be used?

this question does not make much sence but yes hydroecectric power is used lots in many different countries. Infact the world get 19% of its energy from hydroelectric power

How many watts does a cell phone use?

the answer for how many watts a cellphone is.....around 10-16 watts a daymany watts my friend, many wattsThe phone uses 10-16 watts a day.i dont know how many watts it carrys but if i guest it probably 25watts if you find out tell me mahalo

How many watts does 200 amps make?

It depends on the voltage; watts = volts x amps, so if the voltage is 100 (say) then the wattage is 100 x 200 = 20,000 watts.

How many hydroelectric power stations are there in Britain?

There are hundreds of hydroelectric power stations in England.

How many dc volts does it take to make 1 horsepower?

Volts don't make power. Watts do. Watts = (volts) x (amps) 1 horsepower = 746 watts (Doesn't matter if the source is AC, DC, or a combination of both.)

How many watts does a golf cart need to run for 1 minute?

it takes enough watts to make a cart run for 1 minute Doo doo it takes enough watts to make a cart run for 1 minute Doo doo it takes enough watts to make a cart run for 1 minute Doo doo

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